Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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The only lighting mod you'll need. Sly's Cinematic Lighting Overhaul (SCLO) enhances and modifies the lighting of EVERY map in the game to better match the movies or other reference material found in the Star Wars universe. Featuring better post-processing, bloom, lighting, and shaders, this will be sure to make a fine addition to your collection.

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"For 300 years, we prepared. we grew stronger..."

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The only lighting mod you'll need. Sly's Cinematic Lighting Overhaul (CLO) enhances and modifies the lighting of EVERY map in the game to better match the movies or other reference material found in the Star Wars universe. Featuring better post-processing, bloom, lighting, and shaders, this will be sure to make a fine addition to your collection.

NO performance hit, either!



Complete Game Makeover

That's right! Every single map! Every single area! Rebuilt from the ground up, every environment has been modified and enhanced with new post-processing, new bloom, and new lighting settings to enhance your experience! From the classic pink sunsets of Tatooine to the movie-accurate Overcast Kashyyyk of Episode III, it's guaranteed your gameplay won't ever look the same!

Movie-Accurate Locations

The wait is over. Countless hours have been spent checking and matching to reference material. Among others, I'm proud to introduce the stormy skies of Episode II Kamino, The cold forests of Takodana from Episode VII, the technicolor paradise of Episode VI's Endor, or the grey overcast of Episode III's Battle of Kashyyyk, along with many more!

Superb Lights and Effects

Better post-processing now makes way for bolder and brighter particle effects. Blasterbolts, lightsabers, explosions, and map lights have never looked so good! Sunlight will bloom off the world, lightsaber duels will be a spectacle, and your firefights will draw shock and awe. Also fixes color artifacts!

Space Maps Included

Calling all Starfighter pilots! Every map means EVERY map, space included! Taking inspiration from Star Wars' finest aerial engagements, Starfighter Assault levels have been fine-tuned to look like your favorite engagements from the movies. Fondor's bloomy white lighting will be sure to remind you of the Battle of Scarif, Ryloth's pale yellow sun teleports you to the famed Battle of Coruscant, and Endor's 1980s cool blues will Return you right back to Jedi.


SCLO should be compatible with most mods. SCLO is not compatible with any mods that edit VisualEnvironmentBlueprint files, you'll have to choose one to take priority by loading it afterwards.

Lightsaber or FX mods may look extremely bright, as SCLO was calibrated with vanilla FX values in mind. Ask the author to create a compatibility patch to work with SCLO.

==SCLO In-Depth==

What's changed?

Endor Daytime - I wanted to capture the bright colors of technicolor film. What better location than the one from 1983? This map is slightly overexposed, saturated, and enhanced with bloom. Note the smooth flares off your helmet the next time you're a stormtrooper.

Endor Night - I wanted to set a mood of an unwelcoming planet. It's night time. It's garish and high-contrast, with silver moonlight accentuating a sickly green forest. The Galactic Civil War isn't welcome here, and both factions know it. The sickly colors work well in the last section of Phase II with the Imperial architecture.

Endor Foggy - Let's establish that Vanilla Foggy Endor was way too bright, and way too blue. I've neutralized a lot of the blue tones and adjusted the exposure to create a more cohesive and natural environment. I took inspiration from the "Ashes" Force Unleashed II trailer.

Endor Interior - From the first reveal trailer of Battlefront 2015 I loved the industrial, grimy look of the interior bunkers, but they were far too colorful and welcoming in the final product. I took out a lot of blue and saturation of the image, throwing you right back to that smoky post-trailer scene of Vader coming down the hallway towards two lone rebel soldiers.

Hoth Sunset - In the vanilla game, sunset Hoth is way too garish and bright. I've reduced contrast a lot, and reduced the intensity of the sun to create a softer, more natural atmosphere. The gentle pink lighting reflecting off the snow is very picturesque.

Hoth Daytime - Following the same philosophy of Hoth at sunset, I wanted a cleaner, less contrasted image. Both variants should feel cold, but not unwelcoming to players, acting as juxtaposition to the battle around them.

Hoth Interior - Flipping the design philosophy on its head for the indoors sections of the map, I bumped up the contrast and the blue to make this area feel under siege and lived-in. It's not a professional operation, and the Rebellion is not a professional operation. It should feel that way.

Death Star II - The vanilla game's Death Star II is tinted purple. I don't like that, because the Empire isn't purple. They're cold, stark, grey and white. I took a lot of inspiration from Battlefront 2015's Death Star, removing some saturation from the image and naturalizing the colors. 

Yavin IV Daytime - The overexposed, high-contrast yellow tints of Yavin IV in the vanilla game didn't feel good to play in. Taking inspiration from real-life Guatemala, a location much closer to the Equator, I gave the lighting a much more natural, white color.

Yavin IV Sunset - Rogue One was extremely helpful in editing this map. There are a few shots of Yavin IV at sunset with very soft, yellow lighting, and I aimed to replicate that. Colors are toned down and the brightness is reduced on this level, simulating a filmic look based on Rogue One.

Kashyyyk Daytime - This one's the motherload. My finest work yet, I've been wanting to play an overcast Kashyyyk ever since launch, and now I finally have it. Includes a custom-edited skybox and fog settings, as well as extensive sunlight and color correction edits, players should feel like they're IN Revenge of the Sith, and they do! This one took days, and it pays off.

Kashyyyk Night - I neutralized some of the blue, as well as gave the lighting a more silver look, as opposed to vanilla's blue. Kashyyyk is a very primitive and natural planet, and this high-contrast alternative look should reflect that. Blasters, lightsabers, explosions, and lights have been paid special attention to here, and the MTT's explosive bolts look fantastic during the battle.

Kamino - The vanilla game's Kamino was way too bright, and way too blue. A few hours of reference and color-matching later, the new Kamino should much more closely resemble the Attack of the Clones' cinematic look. This map features strong desaturation, as well as a slight green tint to offset the prevalent native blues. It's also super bloomy!

Kamino Interior - The interior of Kamino, while under siege, should still feel like a respite from the hazardous storms outside. As the map is under attack, I reduced the exposure in the interior levels. These areas should feature excessive bloom paired with a slight blue-green tint to offset the sterile whites of the facility.

Naboo Night - I loved making this one. It's very fantastical, while still grounded in reality. Using reference photos of Mediterranean and Latin American cities at dusk, I wanted to capture the aesthetic of those same urban settings. Contrast has been increased to draw attention to artificial lighting sources, and the map is bathed in a soft purple tint to accentuate the yellow-reds of street lighting and the cool blue of the sky.

Naboo Sunset - I felt Vanilla Naboo Sunset was way, way too orange and yellow. It was too bright. It wasn't fitting of the setting. The sky itself, which is supposed to be blue, was tinted an unnatural brown. Naboo is civilized and friendly to civilian life, and I wanted the lighting to reflect that. I've lowered the intensity of the sunlight and have paid careful attention to capture the soft glows of real-life sunsets and sunrises, with the sunlight now being a pale yellow to reflect the time of day.

Naboo Daytime - I wanted to capture some very warm tones with this one. it's not that different from Vanilla, but you'll notice an inviting golden tint and high bloom values to soften the image. I took small inspiration from The Phantom Menace, but ultimately looked to Episode 2 and Episode 3 as primary sources of reference. It should play well!

Jakku Daytime - I aimed to replicate Jakku as seen in The Force Awakens. Which meant the map not being so unnaturally bright with an Instagram filter turning the shadows purple. I gave it a soft, filmic appearance paired with high bloom values to draw attention to the complex architecture of the crashed Imperial Star Destroyer overhead during the battle. The exposure is much more natural, and players should finally be able to see where they're going without being blinded, especially indoors.

Jakku Sunset - For sunset, it was incredibly bright. As with the Daytime setting, I wanted a soft appearance to the map. I reduced a lot of the red tones to bring out the cool blues and purple of the Jakku sunset, as well as dimming the sun for the appearance of softer shadows. Contrast was reduced as well, and the final result is far more pleasing to the eye. Just look at Before/After to see what I mean.

Starkiller Base Interior - It was too bright, and it was too cyan. It didn't look like the Starkiller Base from the movies, and my goal was to fix that. It's Death Star on steroids, which means it's darker, it's not quite as blue, and contrast is way up. To better match the pink-red saber of Kylo and the bold blue of Rey's saber in Episode VII, bloom is tinted especially blue.

Starkiller Base Exterior - I looked to General Hux's speech as inspiration for the exterior of Starkiller Base. I got rid of the neutral-white lighting and gave it a cold blue tint to simulate the cold, cinematic look found in the movie. If you compare where Hux is standing in the film to the location in-game, it should look fairly similar.

Takodana Dawn - In the files, this map is called Misty Dawn. However, it's not very misty in the vanilla game. The map's lighting was also too purple. With brand-new bloom values and new fog levels, the map looks significantly better, with a welcoming, warm, and bright morning aesthetic.

Takodana Daytime - I took heavy inspiration from the Battle of Takodana in The Force Awakens. If you search it up, there's not nearly as much sunlight as Battlefront II depicts Takodana in-game. You'll also note in the confrontation between Rey and Kylo in the forest, the scene is given a very cold, blue palette. With extensive color-correction, sunlight, and bloom edits, the new Takodana should better reflect the movie's look. The forest itself has been made darker to match as well.

Takodana Interior - The mod eliminates the purple tones found in the vanilla game and replaces them with a more movie-accurate yellow-brown tone. The interior in-game is almost exactly the same as the one in the movie, so color-matching was possible. The downstairs basement area, where Rey finds Luke's lightsaber, has also been extensively darkened to better match the film's scene.

Crait Exterior - This one took a while. I tried to match Episode VIII's exposure and color correction as closely as possible. Crait is now given a slight blue-green tint, with exposure and sunlight intensity toned down to better match reference material. I was able to achieve the final result by comparing the brightness of the sky to the terrain both in-game and in The Last Jedi. It took a lot of trial and error.

Crait Interior - Nothing much has changed here, but I wanted to give the interior of Crait a more industrial aesthetic, as industry seemed to be the base's original purpose. Exposure and blue tones are decreased, and green and yellow palettes take priority. Overall, it looks good.

Bespin - Unfortunately, I couldn't edit this the way that I wanted to due to the files not being set up properly in the vanilla game. However, I was able to make some small adjustments to better match Battlefront 2015 and the films. The final product is slightly desaturated, with special attention being given to exposure values so every detail can be better seen.

Kessel - I recently rewatched Solo: A Star Wars Story on Blu-Ray. Fantastic heist-style movie, but that's not relevant. Kessel in-game is almost exactly the same to the Kessel in the movie, except for lighting and colors. The interior should now have more of a yellow-brown look, better matching its film counterpart. The exterior, overcast in the film, is desaturated, with red and green tones reduced to try and replicate that.

Tatooine Night
- I wanted to create an environment where nearly all of the lighting came from artificial light sources, and Mos Eisley had enough of them to make this happen. I completely eliminated moonlight, and to compensate I upped the exposure to draw attention to artificial light sources and give the impression they're illuminating the entire scene. To help with the idea of a well-lit urban setting, I zealously reduced the blues of the scene, and increased its reds. As a result of all this, the warm lighting of the city contrasts very nicely with the night sky and shadowed areas.

Tatooine Sunset - I took heavy inspiration from the classic Binary Sunset found in Episode IV: A New Hope. I really loved its soft, pink lighting and decided to go forward with that in mind when creating this variant. You'll note it's a far cry from the vanilla sunset variant, which feels a lot dirtier.

Tatooine Daytime - I didn't have any specific film reference in mind except maybe Episode I. I wanted to create a realistic-looking desert, with cool blue sands and a clear sky. A common stereotype with deserts in media is that they're tinted very yellow or orange. I wanted to go in the opposite direction, and created a natural daytime desert environment. The scene is strongly tinted blue or cyan to accomplish that.

Geonosis - My first thoughts on seeing Geonosis in Vanilla was that it was extremely yellow. The sandy planet in the films is significantly redder, and I wanted to match that aesthetic. I adjusted exposure values and equalized the bloom to create a more faithful adaptation of the planet from the film. Additionally, I color-matched as closely as possible, using a variety of movie stills to inform my decisions on this one. Take note of the extremely red-tinted shadows, similar to scenes from the movie. 

Fondor - SCARIF! I loved Rogue One, and especially loved how ILM handled its space scenes, with a low-contrast, bright aesthetic. The light is a natural white and bloom in the scene is very pervasive due to no atmosphere in the fighting over Scarif. What better way to memorialize the assault on the Scarif shieldgate than with the one in Battlefront 2017? Note the soft white lighting and the prominent bloom of the new map in-game.

D'Qar - Not a whole lot to say about this map variant, but it was nice to make. I used The Last Jedi's opening space scenes as reference, and I think I matched its blue-green tones fairly well.

Ryloth - Heavy throwbacks to the Battle Over Coruscant in Revenge of the Sith. Ryloth has been given brand new lighting to better match Episode III. It's not exactly Coruscant, but it feels very close! I spent a lot of time in HattiWatti's excellent Cinematic Tools recreating the opening overhead Venator shot from the start of the movie, and it looks great!

Unknown Regions - A lone Resurgence Star Destroyer? Reminds me of Poe and Finn's escape from The First Order in The Force Awakens, so I used that as reference. I gave the map a blue tint to match the movie. I also increased bloom values, so dogfights in and around the Asteroid Field should be pretty cool.

Space Endor - It's a trap! I spent some good time rewatching Return of the Jedi and loved how blue and cold the lighting of the final space battle was. It's unrealistic, but it looked fantastic. It's a shame that design wasn't carried into the vanilla game, but this mod fixes that! Now, Space Endor should make you feel like you're actually fighting above the Endor from the films, with blue lighting replacing the stark white of the unmodified game.


Update 1.1:
-Adjusted exposure thresholds for interior areas on night maps.
-Reduced bloom values on night maps.
-Reduced bloom values on Main Menu and Spawn Screen.
-Increased Contrast on Night Endor.
-Decreased exposure value on Night Kashyyyk.

Update 1.3:
-Updated for Geonosis update.
-Adjusted bloom values on a variety of maps.
-Increased contrast on daytime Mos Eisley.
-Decreased contrast on overcast Kashyyyk.
-Edited dynamic ambient occlusion settings on overcast Kashyyyk.
-Decreased intensity and size of sun flares on overcast Kashyyyk.
-Added movie-accurate Geonosis.
-Geonosis will darken as you proceed to the second and third phases in collaboration with the dynamic sandstorm.
-Equalized bloom values on Geonosis. Blue should now look blue, and not cyan.
-Edited "battlebeyond" lasers on Geonosis. They should stand out more.

Update 1.9: 
-Increasedvisibility on daytime and non-night maps.
-Tweakedexposure normalization values from interiors to exteriors to be quicker.
-Sweepingchanges for nearly every map.
Death Star:
-Increasedbloom values.
Endor Day:
-Increasedbloom values.
-Decreasedexposure compensation.
Endor Fog:
-Increasedbloom values.
-Decreasedexposure compensation.
-Adjustedcaves exposure.
Endor Night:
-No Changes.
Hoth Day:
-decreasedbloom values.
-SharpenedBloom values.
Hoth Sunset:
-Increased bloomvalues.
-No Changes.
-Decreasedbloom values.
-Tweakedcolor correction and increased saturation to better match movie reference.
-Decreased contrast.Slightly.
-Small colorcorrection tweaks.
-Decreasedbloom slightly.
Naboo Day:
-Massivelyincreased bloom.
-Tweakedexposure values.
-ColorCorrection Overhaul. Increased Saturation.
-Should looklike trailers.
-Massivelyincreased bloom.
-Tweakedexposure values.
Naboo Night:
Naboo Interior:
-Bloomsharpness now takes values from time of day.
Naboo Generator:
-No changes.
-Now matchesEpisode 7.
-Decreasedoverall exposure.
-Tweakedbloom color.
-Increasedsunlight intensity.
-Tweakedcolor correction.
-Decreased contrast.
-Increased bloom.
-Sharpened bloom.

Takodana Interior:
-Decreased contrast.
-Tweaked exposure values.
Tatooine Night:
-No changes.
Tatooine Day:
-Decreased contrast.
-Tweaked bloom color and values.
-Sharpened bloom.
-Tweaked exposure.
Tatooine Sunset:
-Decreased contrast.
-Sharpened bloom slightly.
Tatooine Interior:
-Tweaked bloom values.
-Shortened/Fixed amount of time it takes camera to adjust to area exposure transitions.
-Decreased contrast.
-Tweaked bloomvalues.
-Tweakedexposure adjustment times.
Yavin Day:
-Decreased contrast.
-Decreasedoverall exposure.
-Tweaks tobloom color.
-ColorCorrection tweaks.
Yavin Sunset:
-No changes.
-Tweakedexposure values.
-Tweaked exposureadjustment times.
-Sharpenedbloom massively to better match Episode II.
-Massivelyincreased bloom.
-Tweakedcolor correction.
-Should looklike Rogue One.

A visual overhaul for lighting and maps in Star Wars: Battlefront 2017.

(Or your money back!)


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