Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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(MP Safe) The only SWBF2 music mod you'll ever need! Replaces all boring default music tracks with music from across the SW universe. Updated for 2024 with music from almost every movie and show up to Ahsoka! :)

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(MP Safe) Man this game's default music is dull, so I decided to rectify it! This has been a longggg time coming but now I've finally figured out how to add music except a lot more 'theme related' mods soon! Each track in this mod has been edited or tweaked in some way, either adjusting its volume or cutting/splicing various parts together (allowing for much smoother transitions between music pieces!)


Replaces all in-game music tracks with music from across SW, listed below: 

Medium Intensity:

1. Stronger Together - The Mandalorian
2. Ahsoka Saves Anakin - TCW
3. The Battle of Yavin - ANH
4. Inquisitor Duel - SW Rebels
5. Approach to Eadu - Rogue One
6. Master vs Apprentice - Ahsoka
7. Panaka and the Queen's Protectors - TPM
8. Cliff Battle - TCW Movie
9. Not the Time for a Lesson - Ahsoka
10. Ahsoka and Baylan - Ahsoka
11. A New Alliance - TLJ
12. The Droid Invasion - TPM
13. The Tide Turns - TPM
14. Duel of the Droids - TCW
15. Battle of Christophsis - TCW Movie
16. Break for the Shuttle - TCW
17. March of the Resistance - TFA
18. Open Fire - Ahsoka

High Intensity: 

1. Nurse and Protect - The Mandalorian
2. Rescue of the Princess - ANH
3. The Birth of the Twins and Padme's Destiny - ROTS
4. Long live the Empire - The Mandalorian
5. The Visitor - Jedi Survivor
6. Battle Droids - The Mandalorian
7. Battle of the Heroes - ROTS
8. Battle - Andor
9. You fly I'll shoot - BOBF
10. The Clash of Lightsabers - ESB
11. Rono Trawler - Andor
12. The Battle in the Snow - ESB
13. Dooku vs Yaddle - TOTJ
14. Escape from Naboo - TPM
15. The Final Saber Duel - TROS
16. Tie Fighter Attack - ANH
17. Journey to Exegol - TROS
18. No Further Use - Kenobi
19. The Master Switch - Rogue One
20. Empire Arrival - Kenobi
21. Jango's Escape - AOTC
22. General Grievous - ROTS
23. Yoda vs Sidious - ROTS
24. Rain Hellfire - Ahsoka

Enjoy everyone and may the force be with you! Let me know if you run into any problems, or even have suggestions for music you'd like to see!