Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Replaces Finns first skin with Luke Skywalker's Farmboy skin to kinda create ANH Luke mod. Please read the description for more details, it'll really improve the experience and has a lot of helpful information!

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So I was watching a new hope recently, and I was thinking, Luke uses a blaster this whole movie, he needs a blaster for his Farmboy skin, not a lightsaber, right? So basically what I did is used the hero heap method and lots of file editing to replaces Finn's first skin with the Farmboy Luke! Same abilities, same animations, but with some addons you can get a better experience. I thought it was a cool idea, didn't see any other mods like this, so I figured I'd post it if anyone wants it. This was kinda my first mod, and I have some people to thank and some recommendations.

Have to thank the Battlefront discord for their modding tips and help, they're very helpful people, who work really hard to bring much better mods than this one, they deserve a lot of credit.

Have to thank Claymaver, he has a lot of great modding tutorials on YouTube that even someone like me can pick up. If you're just starting out, with his videos, you'll easily pick up how to do a lot of cool things! Check out his channel below, he deserves a ton of credit for this mod.

Also have to thank B120, his E-11 mod for Finn is the perfect addon for this mod, it's the same gun Luke used in the movie, totally recommend. 
B120 is a super nice guy, really responsive on discord, and makes super great mods that really make the Sequels era much more fun to play, and all sorts of other stuff.
You can download his Finn E-11 Mod, and check out all of his other mods down below!

This mod is also meant to be used with IAO, so that you can use ANH Luke AKA Finn on OT maps.

Not gonna update this, I lost the project file, and really don't have the skill level to improve it further. I just wanted the mod, and no one else did it, so I gave it my best shot. Hope you all understand, and enjoy it for what it is!

Thanks for downloading! Have fun!