Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Take to the Battlefront as a Rebel Alliance Commando.

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Take to the Battlefront as a Rebel Alliance Commando.

The Commando is a new reinforcement for the Rebel Alliance specialising in using limited resources to their advantage. With a multi-mode Relby-V10 capable of switching to repeating fire and grenade launcher modes they can adapt to many situations. When things get sticky however, they have one last option in the form of a limited selection of stim packs that boost speed and revitalise health quickly. 

Commando's have limited abilities.
Stims can only be used 8 times before they're gone. (Don't use them all willy-nilly!)

The grenade launcher has six shots before needing resupplied. To resupply, get an Officer using Recharge Command to boost you and you'll be on your way. (Make sure to say thank you!)

You'll also have two appearances to chose from acting as a body type selection. This is something i really wanted to include and i hope it helps more people enjoy playing as this unit!

Light Side Reinforcement Slot 7

Mophead - Bundle Manager, Character Duplicator, Gameplay Handler and Merger, and Metadata Conversion Tool
Chucky - Stim Packs ability SVG
HammieFlap8D - Repeater Mode ability SVG
TheSpartanCV - Relby-V10 base files from BGR, General help
CosmicDreams(Me!) - Everything else!