Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Adds Magna Guard Staff the Separatist Alliance in Instant Action & Private Matches.

Permissions and credits
Magnaguard Protector:
Serving as bodyguards to high-ranking personnel within the Confederacy, IG-100 Mangaguards Magnaguards are the deadliest of droids within the army. Equipped with an Electropike and advanced programming, Magnaguards are capable of taking on even the likes of Jedi.

Class - Unique
Health - 500
Faction - Separatist Alliance
Weapon - Electrostaff
Left Ability -  Combat Acceleration - Trained in the seven forms of lightsaber combat, Magnaguards were well equipped for melee combat encounters. The IG-100 could redistribute computing power into their limbs, allowing them to rapidly gain more stamina and ensure they could continue to both devastate their enemies and defend against their attacks.
Middle Ability - System Cooling - Flooding its system with emergency coolant, the IG-100 is able to rapidly recover from a critical situation and return to the fight. However, encountering damage during the process will cause the coolant to overheat, cancelling the healing effect.
Right Ability - Droid Rage - The Magnaguard is powered by an enhanced AI: during the heat of battle it can become enraged and trigger a succession of more violent attacks. Each hit with the Electropike becomes more powerful and damaging to any opponent foolish enough to cross the droid's path.
Bottom Ability - Superior Programming - The IG-100's advanced technologies allow it to temporarily boost its own health to a surplus. However, encountering damage during the process causes the programming to malfunction, cancelling the healing effect. The systems must reboot for this ability to be available again.

Mod Credits:
Alexis Bouvin - Providing Magnaguard Staff SFX
Cade - Gameplay
Chucky - Localisation & SVG
CosmicDreams - Portrait
Dyvine57 - FX & Crosshair
EldeBH - Mesh & Textures
GameTSF - Moral Support
Mophead - Gameplay
Priscilla - Mesh