Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

About this mod

This mod completely remasters the visuals/graphics of Star Wars Battlefront II for an improved, high-quality look. This is more than just a lighting mod - this is my love letter to the Battlefront community.

Permissions and credits

  • improved lighting & volumetric light
  • improved ambient occlusion
  • improved screen space reflections
  • improved bloom
  • improved visual effects
  • improved lens flares
  • brand new skyboxes
  • brand new sky elements (moons, suns, etc.)
  • brand new & improved color grading
  • brand new weather conditions & times of day

This mod is multiplayer compatible. You need to use Frosty Alpha to install it, any version of it will work.

I have been working on this project for months now and I am so proud to finally release it to the public. With patience and high attention to detail, I reworked every single map in Star Wars Battlefront II. Most of them are now movie accurate. A few, however, are creations of my own imagination. 

Instead of reading an extremely long mod description, let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy the showcase video:

Watch the mod trailer here:

Many thanks to my Patrons, who supported me and my project!

Enjoy the mod and look forward to what's to come. Until then...

Have fun,