Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Makes the skin tone of Filmic Anakin 2 more natural and better looking.

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Filmic Anakin 2

Filmic Anakin 2 is a fantastic mod that retextures Anakin to look like Hayden Christensen. It looks great and it's very screen accurate, except for one problem; the skin textures are extremely yellow! In-game, Anakin looks almost ill under certain lighting, so I decided to change it. This mod gives Anakin a much more natural and healthy looking skin tone, and also makes him resemble Hayden Christensen more accurately.

Install with Frosty and place the mod below the original Filmic Anakin 2 in your load order. If you use the Sith eye version of Filmic Anakin, then use the Sith eye version of this mod. Be sure to only use ONE version of this mod at a time, since both versions affect the same file.

Obviously thank you to Sade1212 for making Filmic Anakin 2 and allowing people to use the project files, I take no credit for any of his textures.

Let me know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions.

That's all... enjoy!