Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Converts all Imperial appearances to their original look from the 2004-2005 Battlefront games. Includes additional appearances from Legends. MP safe.

Permissions and credits
This mod will not work without Mophead's Localisation Editor files!
Download the String Merger plugin here and place its .dll inside your Frosty Mod Manager Plugins folder BEFORE launching.
Additionally, you need the latest version of Frosty Tool Suite (linked here) to run this mod.

Imperial models have been made from scratch or edited to better represent their original on-screen appearance, and textures have been updated with better detail and weathering. Additionally, all skins have been converted to their original look from the classic games. This includes additional relevant appearances from Legends.

Class Skins (Player and AI)
  • Assault: Stormtrooper (ANH), Snowtrooper
  • Heavy: Shock Trooper, Snowtrooper
  • Officer: Imperial Engineer, TIE Pilot (tubes not included due to mesh import limitations)
  • Specialist: Scout Trooper
  • Enforcer: Stormtrooper Commander
  • Aerial: Phase Zero Dark Trooper
  • Infiltrator: Imperial Officer

  • Replaces all shoretroopers with default infantry skins. This applies to both players and AI.
  • Replaces all Death Trooper and ISB Agent AI names with TK designations and Imperial Officer names, respectively.

Star Card portraits have been updated and new flavor text has been added for each of the skin options.

UI and Abilities
  • Renamed the following Infiltrator abilities: Imperial Intel (now Priority Targets), Double Your Effort (now Double Our Efforts), and Close Combat (now Teräs Käsi)
  • Updated Infiltrator ability text for accuracy and descriptiveness.
  • Replaced the default Imperial announcer portrait with a Stormtrooper Commander portrait.

  • Added a period to the end of the info text for the IT CALLS TO YOU challenge.
  • De-capitalized the info text for the PLAY THE OBJECTIVE challenge.
  • Replaced the class prestige ribbons with hexagons consistent with the rest of the game’s UI.
  • Replaced the human reinforcement icon with a simplified plus icon.

No modder or modding tool is perfect. While the team has done their best, several issues have persisted throughout this mod's development. If/when a solution is found for any of these, the mod will be updated accordingly.

Known Issues
  • The TIE Pilot skin does not have its tubes due to mesh import limitations.
  • The Imperial Engineer's vest has a floating button during certain animations.
  • The Phase Zero Dark Trooper sometimes thinks he's still fighting for the Republic, and may declare as such when rallied by an Officer buff. Imperial scientists are well aware of this bug, and promise to patch it out in future non-organic phases of the Dark Trooper Project.
  • Upon launching, the game may tell you you're not connected to EA servers. Spamming the CONNECT button should connect you.
  • First person hands and arms do not work as intended.

  • This mod will not work without Mophead's Frosty Localisation Editor. Download the String Merger plugin here and place its .dll inside your Frosty Mod Manager Plugins folder BEFORE launching.
  • This mod is not compatible with previous versions of Frosty (you can download the latest version 1.0.6 here).
  • This mod is not compatible with certain Imperial/hero mods, as they may modify the same files and create conflicts with one another. For reference, this mod edits almost all the Imperial character meshes, including the Skytrooper, Death Trooper, ISB Agent, and Shoretrooper.

Classic Battlefront Imperials is a small but passionate collaboration between modders donating their time, talents, and technical knowledge. This project is our love letter to the games that defined our childhood, and we hope it makes this game feel a little bit more like the Battlefront we all remember.

The Pandemic Modding Team
  • Mophead (Frosty plugin development)
  • Orthohex (original 3D models and textures, UI and localization edits, mesh import and testing, final art and renders)

Additional Credits
  • DICE (vanilla models and textures)

In addition to our friends and fellow Battlefront fans, we'd also like to thank the Frosty dev team, the OpenGameCam dev team, Schnick, and Tigervenom for creating the tools and techniques that make these projects possible.