Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Jesse joins the Battlefront! Replaces all of Han's Skin with 6 different Jesse Appearances

Permissions and credits

  • ARC Lieutenant (replacing Captain and Hoth Appearances)
  • Phase 2 (replacing Smuggler Appearance)
  • Phase 2 Helmetless (replacing Endor Appearanace)
  • Phase 1(replacing Yavin Appearance)
  • ARC Lieutenant Helmetless (replacing Beckett's Crew Appearance)
  • Phase 1 Helmetsless (replacing Corellia Escape Appearance)

Jesse uses a DC-15A with MP-Safe animation changes.
Voice lines have either been replaced or muted, the emotes have been muted and Jesse has a new intro and outro music.
Star Card images and Portrait have been replaced.

Optional Files:

  • Portraits for each skin
  • Frontend animation change
  • Text Edit

Special Thanks:
  • Lego_Lover for taking Star Cards images and in-game captures
  • BlueNade for the portraits, the undersuit texture and the audio import

Known Issues:
  • the eyes of the Phase 1 Helmetless skin sometimes turn green when loading the character
  • the VFX for the muzzleflash are in the wrong position when using Sharpshooter
  • the Legacy Skin does not have correct footstep and combat roll audio and no death sound

For those who want emotes and more voice lines, use this mod!