Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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yet another Darth Maul mod

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What this mod includes:

Altered Mauls horns to be accurate to the movie and added his ear ring.
Custom cyborg legs and shoulder armour made using blender.
2k texture made using substance 3D painter.
Custom Star cards made in blender/photoshop.
Custom Portrait made in blender.

Different versions:

Nightmare Darth Maul - Normal version of the mod including all the mentioned features.
Nightmare Darth Maul (emissive) - Emissive version of the mod including all the mentioned features plus emissive lights on the legs and glowing eyes.

Cape is not included currently as frosty alpha currently cant import cloths (will be added when this is fixed).
The emissive version replaces the Rocket Trooper emissives so wont work as intended with other mods that do the same.
This was made with frosty editor 1.0.6 so it requires frosty mod manager to work.
Should be fully compatible with other maul mods that dont edit old master in anyway.
Replaces the old master skin no plans to make a deafult replacer.
There are a few rigging issues.

Acribro - Shoulder armour/leg models and textures, Torso textures, head modifications and starcard/portrait renders.
Dice - Base male model, head model and textures.
VictorPlopes - Potrait blend file.
Mophead - Bundlemanager.

Zenger - ingame captures.