Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Completely overhaul's Finn's emotes, voice lines, and hero interactions with Zay Versio from the Battlefront 2 Ressurection DLC! To go with batzofhell's Zay Versio Finn replacer :)

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"Because hope is the reason we are going to win."

Thank you to everyone who showed such an interest in this mod, and OFC huge thank you to Batzofhell for their INCREDIBLE looking Zay Versio Mod! As a small aside, I'm also trying to figure out how to change star card images and do some text edits, so hopefully will have another file for that soon :)

Find Batzofhell Zay mod here

Hope you enjoy this audio overhaul for the time being, which includes:

Voice Line replacements for ALL of Finn's abilities and general 'battle dialogue' (50+ lines) 

Mutes mentions of him from other characters and the HVV announcer

Adds 4 Unique hero interactions:

"Mom don't do this!"
"Mom no!"
"No! No no no!"

"That one's airborne!"
"Looks like a Jumptrooper!"

"Sniper! Head's down!"
"Watch out for that Sniper!"

"Officer spotted!"
"That's an Officer!" 

Adds 4 unique Emotes
"What are you even doing right now?"
"I think it's working!"
"Contact confirmed!"
"Uncle Shriv is gonna lose his mind"