Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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adds a new reinforcement compatible with the IAO mod

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Important informations:

*uses civ_takodana_male_vestpilot_01 Mesh And Textures.
*uses lightside reinforcement slot 19

Rebel Shock Trooper

Trained for close range combat, the rebel shocktroopers are a dangeous thereat to the empire and aim to take down any nearby enemies using close range weapons and resistence skills.


Can choose between 8 alien skins.

Class - enforcer
Health - 300
Faction - rebellion

Gamemodes - Supremacy, Missions Attack, Missions Defend, Extraction (IAO), Blast (IAO)
Weapon - TL50

Left Ability -  Improved Barrage
an improved version of the barrage, it has 2 bursts of 3 grenades that fire quickly and at a greater range.

Middle Ability - Adrenaline Charge
the adrenaline charge maximizes physical and resilient capacity for a short period.

Right Ability - Personal Shield
*the same personal shield as the specialist

Version 1.1:
Improved portrait, changed the weapon to TL50 and should be compatible with other mods that add weapons or change standard weapons

Version 1.2:
-new version compatible with mod IA Jango Fett

Mod details:
This mod adds the Rebel Shock Trooper as a new reinforcement. This is compatible with IAO 1.02 and any other new hero/reinforcement mods, and won't function without frosty alpha, the gameplay merger plugin, and string merger plugin.


Carrexx10 - Mod
Mophead - Bundle Manager, Localized String Editor, Character Duplicator, Gameplay Handler and Team File Completer plugins