Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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This mod adds Imperial Commandos as a new reinforcement to Instant Action, meant to be used with IAO.

Permissions and credits
Imperial Commando:
Imperial Commando's are deployed behind enemy lines to eliminate key targets or capture objectives. Commonly engaging in guerrilla warfare, they used their DC17M rifle, and its Flame Launcher Attachment.

Class - Enforcer
Health - 355
Faction - Galactic Empire
Gamemodes - Supremacy, Missions Attack, Missions Defend, Extraction (IAO), Blast (IAO)
Weapon - DC17M
A automatic rifle that can switch between different firing modes
Left Ability -  FLAME LAUNCHER
Switch to a grenade launcher loaded with modified Incendiary Imploders
Middle Ability - SPLICE
Double the DC17M's rate of fire temporarily
Right Ability - DISRUPTION
Disrupt any nearby enemy weapons
Bottom Ability - ION LAUNCHER
Switch to a firing mode loaded with Smart Ion Grenades
Mod details:
This mod adds an Imperial Commando as a new reinforcement to Instant Action. This mod is compatible with IAO 1.02 and any other new reinforcement/hero mods that use the Gameplay Merger, This requires Frosty Alpha, the Gameplay Merger plugin, and String Merger plugin.

Instant Action Overhaul
I would highly recommend getting this, my reinforcements work great with the gamemodes and its overall really high quality

Technical details:
Slot - Darkside Reinforcement 13

Mod Credits:
Wing Destroyer65 - Making the mod
Mophead - Bundle Manager, Localized String Editor, Character Duplicator and Team File Completer plugins