Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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btec math Claymaver Genezhine DAZassassin100 Zenger Pianoboy1764 Acribro Tortuga Soulbruh Omnimeraki DTOOscar

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About this mod

Makes the game completely focused on the Clone Wars ERA removing any Heroes, Weapons and Reinforcements found in the OT and ST but adds

Not really compatible with many mods due to the amount of file edits mainly to be used on its own

Permissions and credits
Key Features 
Offline Only

*Known Issues
The clone medic is missing a class icon I have no idea why this is happening I've given it metadata and set a SVG for it to use but the icon is still blank 

Optional file to replace mauls old master lightsaber with his Phantom Overlord saber as we ran out of lightsaber meshes and Savage uses that one by default (Will replace the Savage lightsaber if used)

one of mauls skins doesn't have sith eyes due to the game crashing when they were changed due to shaders.

Select a skin for the clone medic otherwise he will just be a floating backpack this isn't a bug.

Instant Action Adjustments 

Higher bot count in missions Attack/Defend (Optional File)
Buffed a few of the original heroes
Buffed some of the original reinforcements 
Increased battlepoint earn rates (Optional File)
Super Long Supremacy games (Optional)

New Heroes

Bo Katan.
Captain Rex.
Jango Fett.
Pre Vizla.
Savage Opress.

New Reinforcements
Clone Gunner.
Galactic Marine.
Magna Guard (Both Ranged and Melee)
Republic Flametrooper.
Sniper Droideka.
Senate Guard.

New Weapons
DC-15a Rapid.
DC-15 Suppressive.
DC-15 Rapid.
Westa-35 Carbine.
DP-23 Shotgun.
E-5 Accurate.
DC-17 Suppressed.
Westa-35 Pistol.
Relby V10.

New Skins 
Season 3 Star Wars The Clone Wars Obi wan and Anakin.
TCW Season 7 Ahsoka (Both poncho and no poncho)
TCW Season 3 Ahsoka.
Phantom Overlord both hooded and non hooded.
Clone Wars Mace Windu.
Capeless Yoda and Count Dooku.
Darth Sidious has a new a default skin to better suit the clone wars.


btec math:
Custom hero and reinforcement slots, Custom abilities, Skin slots, Custom Weapons.

Claymaver2000: Magnaguard, Galactic Marine, Padme, Maul Skins: Mandalore and {Redacted}, Ahsoka skins: Mandalore, Chaingun weapon, Magnaguard staff and FX, General optimization and fixes.

DTOOscar: DC15S TexturesRPS-6 Rocket Launcher Model/Textures.

DC15S Sound, Supressed DC17 Textures, Various SVG icons, Jango Fett Westar-34 sound, Padme Blaster sound.

DC15S model, Used under the Creative Commons - Atrribution License Link to model:

Tortuga: Rex, Flametrooper, Flametrooper gun, Medic clone gear, 332nd helmet texture, Ventress, Ventress lightsaber hilts, B2-HA, Various Portraits.

Pianoboy1764: Ahsoka/Ventress dual sabers fx, Bo Katan jetpack fx,custom hero dupe AI fix, Darksaber FX.

Genezhine: Jango Fett, Paratroopers, Darth Sidious Lightsaber hilt, General optimization and fixes.

DAZassassin100: Ahsoka S1, S3 and New Ahsoka Head, Savage Oppress, Cosmetic Bug Fixes, New Palpatine model. 

Acribro: Mace Windu.

Custom voice lines for all heroes.

Aviator: Sniper Droideka 


Borgle Snaps
F3els Bad Man
Khamûl the EasterlingKhamû