Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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VR-style first person for lightsaber heroes (and Emperor Palpatine).

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VR-style first person for all lightsaber heroes (and Emperor Palpatine).


So I made this as a sort of experiment to see how close I can get to achieving true first person for saber heroes....

-places 3rd person camera at head of the hero to simulate first person look
-"VR hands" comes from deleting other assets (head, body, arms, etc.) and then adding just hands/gloves to the character

-"VR hands" only affects 1st skin of each hero (except Luke where all skins are replaced, leaving only the appropriate gloves)
-No "VR hands" for Yoda and Grievous...

-I made and testing this using 55-75 FOV and probably looks best for this.  Obviously you can try other FOV values...but might look a bit strange

-Now because of the "VR hands" you will find that some heroes in instant action will be invisible (or just floating hands!)
-Also this mod is a bit of an experiment so it's probably not recommended to use this all the time (however it's fun to have a try!)

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