Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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This mod aim to improve, fix and rebalance the way sensitivity and acceleration affect the Infantry, Heroes, Vehicles and Starfighters.
❱ Direct Raw Input
❱ Aiming down sights is now effective
❱ Better vehicles feeling
❱ Focal Length Scaling

Permissions and credits
Mod Name: Better Camera
Author: Eratas
Contributors: tttt1010
Multiplayer Safe: Yes
Current Mod State: Working Properly

This mod is Open Source

❱❱❱ Description

This mod aim to improve, fix and rebalance the way sensitivity and acceleration affect the Infantry, Heroes, Vehicles and Starfighters.
This mod does not affect gamepads in any way.

❱❱❱ Features

❱ Direct Raw Input
Smooth and direct movements for fast and direct shots.
Sudden and fast movements will no longer result in drifting.

❱ Aiming down sights is now effective
The sensitivity of your zoom can now be set at the same speed as your global value.

❱ Better vehicles feeling
Better sensitivity scale for vehicles. Less drifting. Starfighters are more enjoyable.

❱ Focal Length Scaling

❱ Base Game weird configuration values

❱❱❱ Known Issues

  • For some obscure reasons, the Vanguard zoom use the same value as the Sentry normal aiming and since I've rebalanced the sentry sensitivity to be faster, well then the Vanguard is faster too, but only when you zoom with it.

❱❱❱ Suggestions

I'm always open for ideas and suggestions, all feedback are appreciated.

You will have to go through your settings to tweak it once again.

The "Lens Deformations" setting could help you to better see the ennemies from a long distance if you have a big FOV.

Thanks to FaceBiscuits, FupaiAm, SpartanAviation and many others for the useful feedbacks.

Make sure that you have "GstInput.MouseRawInput" set to 1 in your "ProfileOptions_profile_synced" from "Documents\STAR WARS Battlefront II\settings". It should be enabled by default (and by my mod) but could be missing on old installations, if it is the case, I suggest you delete all the files in that folder so the game could generate new ones again.

❱❱❱ Installation for Origin

Classic installation, Install just like most other mods.
Use Frosty Mod Manager, import the mod, apply it, put it anywhere in the load order and play. (Tutorial)

❱❱❱ Installation for Epic Games

Same as above, but you will need to follow those instructions for Frosty, do not launch frosty as Admin, use it only to apply the mod.
Create a new file, change the name and file extension to "Launch SWBF2.cmd" and put that code in it (right click > Modify then save it) do not forget to put your own game path in it, here are the defaults ("%%22" are needed), and then launch the CMD as Administrator when you're done installing mods with frosty.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\EALink.exe" "link2ea://launchgame/MtMassive?AUTH_PASSWORD=0&AUTH_TYPE=exchangecode&epicusername=&epicuserid=&epiclocale=en&theme=sws&platform=epic&Hotfix=go& -datapath %%22C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\STAR WARS Battlefront II\ModData%%22"


You can also add this line bellow with your own game path in the launch argument settings in both Origin and Frosty.
NOTE: Launching the game with Frosty will apply the mods every time and it can take some time depending on your mod list, plus it will load your ram, use EmptyStandbyList to clean your memory each time you want to launch any game.

Frosty will crash after Applying the mods if not launched as Administrator. You can choose to let it crash and then launch it with the "SWBF2.cmd" or you can choose to let it launch the game if you put the line bellow in Frosty and in Origin in the launch argument sections from the settings of both launchers.


-datapath C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\STAR WARS Battlefront II\ModData"

I actually got the game for free through the Epic Games Store and it works just fine.
Don't forget to check your mouse settings once in game.


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