Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Many skins to choose from. Even including Force Ghost!
Custom Abilities (Offline only).
Custom Star Cards and Portraits.


I'll be updating this some time in the future....

Permissions and credits
Offline Only Abilities: 
-Adds Heroic might and Retribution
-How do I use Heroic might? while the ability is recharging tap 2 times the button you have assigned for heroic might.
-Luke now has a total of 6 abilities: Push, Rush, Heroic Might, Pull Dominance, Repulse, and Retribution.

You can watch the video of the mod, and these abilities here

-"MP Safe" The skins are only cosmetic. Therefore, you are supposed to be alright online (There's always a risk of ban even using cosmetics)
-Special thanks to GaryTheTaco for being amazing and giving me obi-wan's body textures that he made for this mod (I used them in version 2.1) 
Claymaver, for making  a lot of tutorials that I'm pretty sure have helped a lot of us.

Update 3.0: Adds skin of Grand Master Luke Skywalker from crucible.

Update 3.3: Adds Custom Star Cards for Grand Master Luke Skywalker (Crucible) and custom portrait.

Update 3.4: Adds skin of Luke Skywalker Force Ghost.

Update 3.7: Adds Custom Star Cards for Luke Skywalker Force Ghost and custom portrait.

Update 3.7 additional: Luke Invasion, during the Yuzhan Vong War.

Update 3.8: GM Luke Alternative Outfit

Update 4.0: Adds Custom Star Cards for Luke Invasion and custom portrait.

Update 4.1: Adds skin of GM Luke Skywalker during the second imperium crisis.

Update 4.2: Adds skin of GM Luke Skywalker based on the illustration shown in  "Jedi Vs Sith The Essential Guide to the Force"

Update 4.3: Adds skin of GM Luke Skywalker based on the illustration shown in "Star Wars: The Essential Atlas"

Update 4.5: Adds Custom Star Cards and Portrait for GM Luke Skywalker (Essential Atlas)

Update 4.7: Adds Custom Star Cards and Portrait For GM Luke Skywalker "Jedi Vs Sith The Essential Guide to the Force"

Update 4.8: Luke Yuzhan Vong War, an alternative outfit used by Luke during the war.

Update 4.9: Adds Luuke, changing the hoth appearance (Luuke is the clone of Luke Skyealker made by Jorus C'baoth)

Update 5.0: Adds GM Luke Skywalker from the novel "Apocalypse"

Update 5.1: GM Luke Skywalker Essential Atlas Fix: Fixes some stuff in the skin, like the brightness and an issue in which when obi wan (robed) appears, the arms of Luke disappear (being exact: the sleeves).

Update 5.2: GM Luke Skywalker (Crucible) but with a twist.... It changes his head to Yavin's Luke head.... You can combine this version with Tortuga and Claymaver's Old Luke head mod. Just load this version below the old Luke head mod and you are going to be ready to go. ;)


GM Luke version 2.1 


Added version without a beard (white hair, and brown hair)

Like always, May The Force Be With You All!