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Changes texts across the board to fit with many Star Wars Rebels mods. Each hero has had their name, description, skins, victory poses, emotes, star cards, weapons, challenges and more edited to be consistent. It also changes text for Heroes vs. Villains and Showdown.

Permissions and credits

1. ADDED: Support for Zenger's EXD-9 over Grievous.
2. ADDED: Support for Zenger's Fifth Brother over Vader (optional file)
3. ADDED: Support for DAZassassin's and Zenger's Older Ezra over Anakin (Improved Anakin Replacer).
4. ADDED: Support bleedn's Saw Gerrera over Lando, and Zenger's Saw Audio Overhaul (optional file)
5. ADDED: New description for Maul
6. ADDED: New description for Vader
7. ADDED: New description for Palpatine
8. ADDED: New description for Yoda
9. ADDED: New description for Heroes vs. Villains.
10. ADDED: New description for Hero Showdown
11. FIXED: Corrected one of Sabine's emotes to fit with the Sabine Audio Overhaul's latest update.

Also: files by ZengerFake to remove Kanan's Hoth and Farmboy appearances, Ahsoka's Clone Wars Appearances, and Maul's Phantom Menace Appearance have been added. ZengerFake's All Default Skins mod can be used to remove Palpatine's sequel skin.

Required Character mods:

-Rebels Vader (and his SFX) over Darth Vader by nanobuds
-Squadrons Hera Syndulla over Han Solo by ZengerFake (if you can't launch the game, prefer the 2k version)
- Seventh Sister over Kylo Ren by ZengerFake
-Captain Rex over Lando Calrissian by Dungbeetle6
-Sabine Wren over Leia Organa by ShootTheGringo
-Kanan Jarrus over Luke Skywalker by Hugin-Munin/N7Tali
-Ahsoka Tano over Rey by nanobuds
-Agent Kallus over Captain Phasma by ZengerFake
-Ben Kenobi over Obi-Wan Kenobi by ZengerFake
-Grand Inquisitor over Dooku by ZengerFake
-C1-10P (Chopper) over BB-8 by Grawarr
-264 (Courier Droid) over BB-9E by ZengerFake
-Squadron Wedge Antilles over Finn by ZengerFake
-OT Yoda (and his ESB audio) over Yoda by DerFinder
-Ezra Bridger over Anakin by DAZassassin & ZengerFake
-Garazeb Orrelios over Chewbacca by notengotortuga/Dungbeetle6
-Gar Saxon over Boba Fett by ZengerFake & DAZassassin
-Grand Admiral Thrawn over Iden Versio by Grawarr/LeBoZ & DAZassassin
-Kalani (E-5C Rifle Version) over Bossk by ZengerFake.
-EDX-9 over Grievous by ZengerFake, Grawarr, Timelordsud, DwayneTheRockLobster and sigitsetyawan
-Fifth Brother over Vader by ZengerFake *optional over Darth Vader
-Saw Gerrera over Lando by bleedn *optional over Captain Rex

Other required mods:

-Kanan Jarrus Audio Overhaul by ZengerFake
-Sabine Audio Overhaul by ZengerFake
-Zeb Orrelios Audio Overhaul by ZengerFake
-Captain Rex Audio Overhaul by ZengerFake
-All Default Skins (for Palpatine) by ZengerFake
-Saw Gerrera Audio Overhaul by ZengerFake
-Saw Gerrera Skin Fix (All Lando Skins) by ZengerFake (optional file)

Other recommended mods

-Improved Old Master Maul  by nanobuds.
-Sabine and Hera Interactions (Extra file in Zenger's Sabine Wren Audio Overhaul)
-Sabine and Kanan Interactions (Extra file in Zenger's Sabine Wren Audio Overhaul)
-Ezra Bridger and Ben Kenobi Interactions (Extra file in Zenger's Ezra Bridger Audio Overhaul)
-Ahsoka Reversed Grip Dual Lightsabers MP SAFE by PianoBoy1764
-Optional files in this mod's page to remove Ahsoka's Clone Wars and Maul's Episode I appearances, and to patch out Luke's unchanged skins. The text edit supports these changes.

-To all the mod authors that made this project possible in the first place.
-To Zenger for his testing, feedback, help, and fixes.
-To the Wookieepedia. Their articles are the starting point of many of this mod's edited texts.

Installation & Troubleshooting

1. Install all required and whatever recommended mods you like through Frosty Mod Manager. Make sure to read their own page's instructions. Mods that overhaul other mods should be lower than them in the mod list.
2. Install my mod, putting it at the lowest place in your Applied Mods list.
3. If you can't even install or import the mod, try extracting the mod file from the compressed .rar file, and directly importing that intro Frosty.
4. If your game doesn't launch, you may have exceeded the size limit. Make sure you don't have any other sizable mods running; and that you're using the lower size files available for required mods (For instance, I use Hera over Han in 2K instead of 4k).

Known Errors/Bugs

-Hera (Han) and Kanan (Luke) share the same text for their respective Yavin Ceremony Skins, so one of Hera's "skins" shows up as "Blinded", edited to fit Kanan's Blinded skin. The discrepancy was left on Hera's list of skins, as they're all the same.