Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Includes 442nd,501st,104th,187th,Shock Troopers,Kamino Security and 212th.

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-First Order 442nd Siege Battalion: Proficient in besieging enemy fortifications,they were equipped with vehicles such as All Terrain Reconnaissance Transports and Infantry Support Platforms that also featured green-colored markings.

-First Order 212th Attack Battalion:
Specialized in invasions,frontal attacks,besiegements and other offensive scenarios,they often acted as the main offensive force in major battles.

-First Order 501st Legion:
The 501st saw action on multiple battlefronts across the galaxy,becoming part of several historic engagements.

-First Order 104th Battalion:
Members of the Wolfpack became reputed for being experts at difficult extractions under fire.

-First Order Shock Troopers: Shock troopers received special training for deployment in urban environments,which gave them a high proficiency in close quarters combat.

-First Order 187th Legion:
Specifically trained to be capable of supporting their brothers and sisters in battle,the 187th Legion participated in many strategic missions.

-First Order Kamino Security: A highly-efficient military force.

Essentially First Order units with markings.
Feel free to suggest more battalions,legions,etc.