Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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fast ability recharge for ALL abilities

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This mod aims to lower the recharge rate of ALL abilities in the game;

characters (hero, specials and troopers)
droid (sp)
sp abilities
vehicle abilities

always wanted to disable the recharge thing and now i have. (not to cheat online) just because i hate restrictions when playing campaign, arcade and instant action.

fun fact, the ai have NO recharge time on using abilities...explains how they can spam you with stuff. cheatin ai scum!

this mod disables the recharge time on ALL abilities.
due to limitations of the engine / game, disabling recharge rates isn't possibly (at least i think it isn't) so recharge rates are now being set to lowest workable setting.

certain things still have limited use like vanguard as it still has the countdown widget but you can instantly use it again after it runs out. regular abilities can be reused instantly as they all have a 0 recharge time applied. regular abilities will now have the lowest recharge possible that doesn't break the ability.

also reduced the emote recharge rate as much as i dislike emotes, feel free go wild.

just added update, should now cover every ability in the whole game.
updated again to fix broken abilities, now all (applicable) recharge rates are set to 0.1 instead of 0 as that break some abilities.



not originally part of my all in one mod, please ignore existing upload as that was from a deleted account (i stopped playing games for a long period) and that upload is now out of date (works but is buggy and some mods were broken and unfinished). Many mods that i've been re-uploading are new and not
included in the original aio mod. The mods were in the same format, all in seperate files but in an AIO archive, now they are seperate. I'm slowly going through them all, fixing the broken ones, completing the unfinished ones and creating new ones.

These mods were completed originally just for myself as i like to tweak games so they play how i want them to do, if they don't, i just can't play them. I
forgot to remove the upload when i deleted my old account, so now it's online forever. Just ignore it as no one will answer any messages left on it.

They are designed to immprove the gameplay for those who like a bit of everything, the key things are:


reduce the amount of screen clutter to levels saw in the 2015 game which was quite minimal. I'm not a fan of no hud, i still like to have a basic hud
as i'm not really into "cinematic" immersion in games. I just like a balance.


disable annoying sounds that dice thought were cool, these range from hit sounds, force power sounds, gamemode sounds and so on, sounds that add nothing to make it more fun or immersive, just a load of extra noise and it sounds like a mess on an unmodded game when playing multiplayer, not so bad in singleplayer.

Graphics / Post Processing:

ah, this is where dice always goes too far, colorgrading (sigh), depth of field, vignette (dark screen corners), motion blur, filmic effects, lens distortions, massive sun flares, lens flares on loads of light sources, even indoor ones and lens dirt, rain spots on screen and other annoying things.


basic stuff like exploring the multiplayer maps that in dice games are always locked to online gameplay. Singleplayer often gets the same maps but they are modified so you can only play in a small section and it's usually not the big area that is used for multiplayer.

as well as unlocking other things for solo player that might be hidden away for multiplayer use only.

Enjoy. :)


Caspian Tower lies, never forget. "yes, you can destroy it as a player".
No you can't, it's scripted, you sack of bleep. Modern Battlefield sucks!
Ewwwwwww Metro Blue Tint!
Battlefield R.I.P 2002-2006

As you can guess, i'm not a fan of dice (anymore)