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Have you ever wanted to play BF2 like the originals? Wanted to live out your dream as a Clone Commander? Well now you can! Fight for victory for the Republic with this mod. Play as either a Shiny, Lieutenant, Commander, Captain or Jet trooper in this epic war for the galaxy. The only thing that stands in your way, is the droids.

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Phase 1 Ranks is back in business. Fight as your favourite clone rank ranging from Shiny to Commander. Blast your way through waves of clankers and hordes of super battle droids with your nice new armor. Can you make it through the ranks?

I'm proud to finally bring you this mod, after it being so frustrating and annoying to make, it is finally here and functions perfectly. No more crashing in the collection screen, no more weirdness on the officer. And most importantly, IT WORKS ON ALL PREQUEL MAPS NOW! Yes, you heard that right. 

All clone classes are split differently. The Assault class is shiny. The Heavy Class is Lieutenant. The Officer Class is Commander. The Specialist Class is Captain. And the Jet Trooper is the Jet trooper from the very first battlefront game.

The mod aims to provide a sense of nostalgia, where you can play as these awesome clones on Naboo, Kashyyyk and Kamino! It's a bit of a mixture between Battlefront 2004, with a hint of AOTC with the chrome visor for the Commander.

I'm seriously happy to have this done and I really hope you enjoy using it. And as far as I am aware it is MP compatible.

This mod includes:
- Shiny skin for the Assault
- Lieutenant Skin for the Heavy (with correct gear representing Battlefront 2004)
- Commander Skin for the Officer (with a chrome visor like in AOTC)
- Captain Skin for the Specialist (with no gear, like in BF2004)
- Green Jet trooper skin for the Jet Trooper (like in BF2004)
- Custom Jet Trooper Icon.