Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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This Mod changes Lukes abilities

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(Normal Mod(Not instant abilities))


This mod makes Luke better.

What's in the Mod?

1. You can choose Ability Cards

Which Abilities I have made?

1. Pull dominance: This makes Lukes Normal Forcepush + Anakins Pull dominance (1st time): 1st click: Forcepush, 2nd Pull dominance. (2nd time) 1st click:
    Pull dominance 2nd click Forcepush (Left ability)

2. Choke: This makes Lokes Normal Repulse+ Darth Vaders Choke at the same time (Right ability)

3. Heroic Might: This makes first Lukes Normal Repulse (1st click)  and then Anakins Heroic might (2nd click)   (Right ability)

4. Retribution: This makes Anakins Retribution (Middle ability)

5. Focused Rage: This makes Lukes Normal Repulse + Darth Vaders Focused Rageat the same time (Right ability)

6. Lightning Stun: This makes Count Dokus Lightning Stun (Left ability)

7. All out push: This makes ObiWans All our push (Left ability)


Instant abilities and more HP Luke (Optional)

this optional mod makes Luke almost invincible

1. Luke  has now more HP(2000) & regens faster
2. All of His abilities have now a longer range
3. You can spam all of his abilities!

Enjoy the mod!

the mods only work individually

I will update and fix the Mod  with more abilitys and no bugs

NOT Multiplayer Compatible!