Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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This mod makes Darh Maul better although he's already perfect :)

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(Normal Mod(Not instant abilities))


This mod makes Darh Maul better although he's already perfect :)

What's in the Mod?

1. You can choose Ability Cards

Which Abilities I have made?

1. Lightning Stun: This makes Count dokus Ability + Darth Mauls normal Furious Throw(1st click: Lightsaber Throw, 2nd Lightning Stun)   (Left ability)

2. Choke: This mod gives you Darth Vaders right ability(Choke) (Right ability)

3. Chain lightning:With this Card you can use Palpatines Chain lightning & Darth Mauls Furious Throw at the same Time  (Left ability)

4. ElectroCute:    This Card gives you the right (ElectroCute) ability from Palpatine

And why is he now the Perfect Sith?

He has the perfect look, He has a lightsaber (not like palpatine), he can throw his lightsaber, he can electrify people with his force lightning, he can choke the people (even twice) and he can throw his lightsaber and electrify people at the same time.

Important information to avoid asking or report bugs:

Choke and ElectroCute doesnt work alone


Instant abilities Darth Maul (optional)

this optional mod makes darth maul almost invincible

1. Maul  has now more HP(2000) & regens faster
2. All of His abilities have now a longer range
3. If you want to use Count dokus Ability u must spam because there is nearly no cooldown
4. You can spam all of his abilities!

Enjoy the mod!

the mods only work individually

I will update and fix the Mod  with more abilitys no bugs

NOT Multiplayer Compatible!