Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Caleb2432 and SmugChewbacca

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Two of the greatest soldiers in the history of the galaxy join Star Wars: Battlefront 2 as heroes!

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Legendary Clone Commanders Cody and Rex join the Battlefront, replacing Lando and Han! Each character has custom meshes, designed carefully to best represent the source material, including Cody's visor, antennae, scanner, and jetpack, as well as Rex's helmet. The textures feature weathering, wear, and dirt on the boots. Voice lines have been replaced with Clone trooper lines from in game, as well as a line of interactive dialogue from The Clone Wars. Emotes have been nulled, and the intro/outro themes have replaced as well, though it should be noted that Cody's intro is rather quiet. Both CCs have MP-safe weapon swaps and audio. And lastly, the text in-game has been changed.


- Phase II 
- Phase II (Helmetless)
- Phase 1.5
- Phase I
- Phase I (Helmetless)

- Phase II
- Phase II (Helmetless)
- Commander
- Commander (Helmetless)
- Phase I
- Phase I (Helmetless)

Notes: Sometimes Rex's gear won't show up. If it isn't, click the "DO NOT USE" appearance and then click back to the appearance you're using. This should fix it. Now, as for the "DO NOT USE" appearance itself, it's Han's Yavin Appearance, which to my knowledge is impossible to edit. The skin has Rex's unmasked head and armor, but no gloves or kama. 

- Caleb2432 (Heaping, Sound, Mesh Importing)
- SmugChewbacca (Mesh Design, Texturing, Renders)