Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Tortuga Omnimeraki and Previllion

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Want more Captain Rex? Now you have more! This mod replaces all of Lando's appearances with Rex in phase one, two, and as an old man.

Permissions and credits
Captain Rex - Full Pack
by Tortuga, Omnimeraki, and Previllion


What this mod does:

Main File:
-Replaces Lando's appearances with Various rex's including;
- Helmeted p2 Rex over default
-Helmetless p2 Rex over Administrator
-Phase one Rex over Skiff
-Helmetless and Helmeted Old man rex over the young lando skins

-Replaces Lando's star card images with screenshots of rex
-replaces Lando's voicelines with voice lines of Rex
-Replaces Lando's Pistol with a DC17

Screenshots by DwaynetheRockLobster, Meryl, Borgle, and Omnimeraki

Phase two and one armored Rex by Tortuga (me)
Old man rex by Previllion
Phase 2 helmetless, Old man helmeted, gameplay, sound and troubleshooting by Omnimeraki
Star cards by Zenger, Borgle, Omnimeraki

Thanks to my patreon supporters
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-Jesse Perez