Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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TigerVenom22 and ToastedShoes

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Replaces all Original Trilogy era infantry with characters from Fall Guys (light side) and Among Us (dark side). Replaces all dark side heroes with characters from Among Us.

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Fall Guys vs Among Us by TigerVenom22 & ToastedShoes

Tired of fighting the Galactic Civil War as the boring old Empire and Rebellion? Well now you can relive the most iconic moments in Star Wars as... armless astronauts and humanoid jelly beans.

This mod was commissioned for a video by ToastedShoes:

The download includes two mods, one replaces all the OT infantry and the other replaces all the dark side heroes. To complete the Fall Guys vs Among Us experience, also download the Fall Guys Hero Overhaul by NoTengoTortuga.

Fall Guys vs Among Us - OT Infantry:
  • REBELS (Fall Guys):
  • Rebel Assault - Mr. Bean
  • Rebel Heavy - Red
  • Rebel Officer - Yellow
  • Rebel Specialist - White
  • Wookie Warrior - Pigeon
  • Rocket Jumper - Burger
  • Ewok - French Fries
  • IMPERIALS (Among Us):
  • Imperial Assault - Cyan
  • Imperial Heavy - White
  • Imperial Officer - Brown
  • Imperial Specialist - Red
  • Death Trooper - Black
  • ISB Agent - Green
  • Rocket Trooper - Yellow

Among Us Villains:
  • Boba Fett - dark green
  • Bossk - orange
  • Count Dooku - blue/purple
  • General Grievous - tan
  • Iden Versio - pink
  • Kylo Ren - black/maroon
  • Darth Maul - red/black
  • Palpatine - purple
  • Captain Phasma - metallic grey
  • Darth Vader - black/grey
  • BB-9E - red mini-crewmate

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