Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Removes the scarring Palpatine had inflicted from RoTS and makes him like how he appeared in TPM and AoTC.

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Ever wanted to see Palpatine without all the scars he had after his duel with Windu? Here's the mod for that.

Basically changes the textures for his skin to not be all scarred up like in almost every single movie he's in. (i.e. half of RoTS, TESB, RoTJ, and a little bit of TRoS)
Also has an optional "rotting" file to mimic how he looked before being rejuvenated in TRoS. The hands on the "rotting" version aren't as disgusting as his actual hands in the movie, but maybe later down the line I'll actually make them as nasty as they are in the movie.

MP safe, as it is a cosmetic mod, but there is a risk of being banned while playing with any cosmetic mod online.