Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Includes Magma Troopers,Jungle Stormtroopers,Stormtrooper Snipers,Battle Damaged and OG Battlefront Troopers.

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-Magma Troopers were a specialized division of the Imperial Stormtroopers.Specifically trained to operate in active geologic vents,they were responsible for crushing revolts and other insurgent actions on volcanic mining planets such as Mustafar and Sullust,as well as defending any volcanic mines filled with rare ores from Rebel guerrillas.Magma Trooper armor was specially designed to withstand extremely high temperatures,including some direct contact with volcanic magma.Magma Troopers were also equipped with SS-Mobile-tech Flamethrowers and heavy blasters.

-Jungle Troopers were Imperial Stormtroopers trained to operate in jungles.Their jobs included scouting and participating in recon missions in planets such as Endor.Their armor was camouflaged with a dark shade of green and they had green visors.

-Stormtrooper Snipers were specialized Stormtroopers specialized in the use of sniper rifles.During the Galactic Civil War,multiple garrisons of Stormtrooper Snipers were stationed on planets such as Ord Mantell,Coruscant and even Super Star Destroyers such as the Executor.They could also be found patrolling cities on Naboo and Corellia,including Kaadara and Bela Vistal.

-As for the OG Battlefront Troopers,this is my take on recreating the OG classes.Now their armor is much brighter and cleaner,they have grills,the default Heavy Stormtrooper skin has a orange pauldron instead of a black one and the Scout Trooper looks way better.

-Battle Damaged Stormtroopers
are based on Remnant Stormtroopers.

-Star Tours Stormtroopers
use custom jetpacks to fly easily through sky and space.

Goes well with my Scout Trooper Pack mod.