Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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This mod replaces the entire First Order with Death Watch including Troopers, Reinforcements, and Heroes. This mod is Multiplayer Safe. Standalone Heroes are available. Each mod has 2k and 4k versions.

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Discord: Omnimeraki#0645
Venmo: njgohl 3549 (Donations)
Instagram: njgohl
TikTok: njgohl (almost at 10k)

This mod took 4 months of work, so since I have finally finished it, I am going out partying tonight. I will respond to comments, questions, or bugs when I am next available. I refuse to make a patreon and hide my mods behind paywalls since I never had enough money to afford a lot of games as a young kid and do not want to deny anyone else such luxuaries... but if you really enjoy my mods and hardwork you can venmo me :) It would be quite the rewarding surprise while I am out with friends, and feel free to leave a funny message. 

Majority of the Mod: Omnimeraki (lordjoffre)
Sound Files: Tackel
Vizsla's Hair Prototype: Unrealastronaut
Promo Image Background: Hammie Flap
Screenshots: Borgle Snaps, hfjfthc

This mod entirely replaces the First Order with the Death Watch. It includes 6 optional files. There is essentially 3 mods to choose between: a complete version, a standalone Pre Vizsla, and a standalone Bo Katan. Similarly, each mod has both  2k or 4k versions depending on how much space you have available in your load order.

Assault class includes both the default and legacy Death Watch trooper skins. Likewise, their weapon of choice is a Westar 35 (do not worry, the animation change is safe).
Heavy class has a skin very similar to the assault, except they wield a Westar Carbine. 
Officers have been replaced with Bo Katan's loyal Nite Owls. These troopers wield a Westar 35.
The Specialist class uses a skin similar to the Heavy class aside from  their added Rangefinder. They use a modified IQA-11.

The torch class replaces the flame troopers with multiplayer safe animation changes to replicate flamethrower gauntlet gameplay.
The Aerial troopers took a lot of time to get right. Adjusting their jetpack FX took basically an entire day to do but the final result looks great. This class is some of the most fun since... well they can actually use their jetpack mp safe.
The iconic Bodyguard class is one of the most brutal troopers in this pack. Along with their intimidating design and overly angry voices, these troopers provide some exciting gameplay.

Bo Katan
Phasma is replaced with Bo Katan. She includes her wrist blade attack, and a retextured Nite Owl droid. She uses a Westar Carbine but unlike most of the normal troopers, she wields it with only 1 hand similar to the Westar 35. This was a design choice I made to make her more iconic and powerful than the other Nite Owls and standard Death Watch. Bo features a full set of voice lines along with chatter that references Vizsla and other heroes such as Ahsoka.
Pre Vizsla
Kylo Ren is replaced with Pre Vizsla. He features quite a few skins. You can play with his legacy skin from his iconic duel with Obi Wan in a capeless, caped, and helmetless variant. Or you can play with his default skin that features his more weathered set of armor in both a helmeted and scarred variant. His lightsaber has been replaced with the Darksaber and features a custom hilt, blade, and sounds. Kylo's pull ability has been modified to replicate a whipcord effect, and his freeze ability has been modified to give off the impression of a flamethrower. Both of these are visual changes only and fully multiplayer safe. Thanks to Tackel, Pre Vizsla also features 2 sets of voice lines depending on if you are using a helmeted skin or not.

Known Bugs
-Pre Vizsla's Darksaber ignition sound plays twice in the frontend.

-Standalone versions of Pre Vizsla and Bo Katan do not feature weathering. If you use the standalone Bo Katan, it will also remove the weathering from the default First Order troopers.

-Bodyguard Westar Carbine sounds a little more like a gun compared to the other blasters.

-Vizsla sometimes closes his eyes in the frontend.