Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Includes Storm Commandos,Sniper Troopers and Swamptroopers.

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-Swamptroopers were specialized Stormtroopers trained and equipped to operate in forested wetlands and other semi-aquatic environments,such as lakes,rivers,and settlements built on or near waterways.Their armor was tinted green for camouflage.

-Storm Commandos were the Special forces of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps.One task for Storm Commandos was to instigate uprisings on enemy systems or to subdue insurrections on Imperial-held worlds.They also served as second-wave attackers in the battlefield,tasked with holding territory won by the first wave.

-Sniper Troopers were specialized Stormtroopers equipped with sniper rifles.Specialists pulled from the ranks of Scout Troopers,they wore gray Scout Trooper armor.