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Recreates the cancelled final clone wars tv series arc "the siege of Mandalore" which would have had Ahsoka's 332nd battalion fighting Darth Maul's death watch. New version adds phase 1 332nd andVzisla death watch.

Permissions and credits
2.1 details:
-Removed mp support due to the alleged bans for mods which edit sound online.
-Changed the way the mod works so it should be way easier for me to update after patches.
-Less bundles are loaded (better performance) 
-Options to select between phase 1 and 2
-Added mandalorian svg 
-Changed various in game strings to match the theme of the mod
-Ai jumpjets are in main mod files now
-Added mp block (Credit to CosmiDreams)
-Assault class are the only class that use jumpjets now to reduce spam
-Droid assault added to prequel maps due to a crashing issue on Kashyyyk?

2.0 details:
Siege Of Mandalore changes:-Added Mp compatible version
-Added options to either use Vizsla's Death Watch or Maul's Shadow Collective
-Added first person viewmodels for all maps and troopers
-Added phase 1 332nd troopers for Kamino and Sequel trilogy maps
-Clone officer's use 332nd arc troopers
-Redone 332nd body markings to make them more related to Ahsoka instead of just recoloured jump trooper markings
-Improved accuracy and quality of Death Watch textures
-Changed rebel default weapon blasters to fire blue projectiles (for clones)
-Changed dark side default weapon blasters to fire yellow projectiles (for death watch)
-Clone classes now have varied appearances (all maps not just PT)
-Death Watch troopers now use imperial VO
-Fixed jetpack fx locations for rebel, resistance and imperial jumptroopers (still looking into first order and ai)
-Updated portraits with higher quality ones created in SFM
-Changed ai names, loading screens and Death trooper appearances to fit the theme of the mod

Ai Jumpjet changes:
+Inlcudes Ai Tweaks 2.1
+Removed ai primary blaster unlocks (will only equip default in favor of having faction's bolt color)
+Added Rocket Launchers to all Classes for player and Ai
+Increased the Hover Time for AiJumpJets
+Tweaked Ai Weapon/Ability Usage Settings

-Mp version does not replace droids with Mandalorians since that would be incompatible with mp (animations and blueprints)
-Mp version does not change class default weapons since that would give a gameplay advantage (and probably wouldn't work in mp anyway)
-Jetpacks for first order and ai are still in wrong position, I have no idea rn how to fix that. Fixing rebel, resistance and empire jetpacks is easy

Future plans (all require mesh importing so not possible rn):
-Add horned death watch troopers 
-Add variation between death watch classes with different textures
-Add Vizsla mandalorians to light side to have the true siege of mandalore (with 332nd and VIzsla death watch vs Darth Maul's shadow collective)

1.0 description:
Recreates the cancelled final clone wars tv series arc "the siege of Mandalore" which would have had Ahsoka's 332nd battalion fighting Darth Maul's death watch.

Mod features:
-Replaces all light side troopers with Ahsoka's 332nd battalion.
-Replaces all dark side troopers with Maul's death watch
-Includes a file that allows ai to use jetpacks.

Only works in arcade (for now) and I will not be releasing the skins individually (ever). 
Credit to:
Mophead for the skins and model swaps.