Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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A few quality of life mods i made for myself and i thought would be nice sharing.

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(if you have any request for simple mods like mine let me know leaving a comment)


Boba Infinite Jetpack
Here it is boys and girls, the long awaited infinite jetpack fuel for our beloved Boba Fett! (idk why but it only works in arcade and supremacy... only works with Fuel Efficiency starcard equipped)

Kylo's Abilities Change
Replaces Kylo's middle and right abilities with Maul's Spin Attack and Choke Hold.

Anakin's Abilities Change
Replaces Anakin's right ability with Luke's Dash and his middle ability with Rey's Insight.

Dooku Force Choke
Replaces Dooku's expose weakness with Vader's force choke.

ISB Force Lightning
Replaces ISB Agent's left ability with the Emperor's Lightning Chain ability. Useful with Imperial Guard mods.

Rey Force Lightning
Replaces Rey's left ability with Dooku's force lightning.

Rocket Launcher CD
Reduces every Rocket Launcher's cooldown time to 1 sec.

Thermal Imploder
Replaces every infantry granade with the Wookie Warrior's Thermal Imploder. If you equip granades' starcards you will switch to your normal class grenade.

Vader Heroic Might
Replaces Vader's middle ability with Anakin's Heroic Might.

Anakin Force Choke
Replaces Anakin's right ability (Passionate Strike) with Vader's Force Choke.

ARC Abilities Change
Replaces the middle and right ability of the ARC trooper with Lando's Sharpshot and Disruptor (works well with my DC17 Rate mod so you have both precision and high rate of fire with the default weapon toggle)

ARC Scanner
Extend the duration of ARC's middle ability, the Scanner, to 20 seconds (don't use this mod with my ARC Abilities Change mod enabled)

Defensive Rush
Decreases the cooldown of Obi Wan's Defensive Rush ability to 0.5 seconds.

Sentry Cooldown
Decreases the cooldown time of every Heavy class' Sentry (including default) to 0

AT-RT Ion Cannon
AT-RT in BF2 is underpowered imo so this mod Increases the ion cannon's active time to 30 seconds and reduces the cooldown time to 1 second, also tweaks the damage a little.

DC17 Fire Rate
Changes the default Dual DC17 fire rate to be close to the toggled fire mode rof. It's useful for mods like this or the captain Rex mods where you can't toggle the fire rate

Specialist Jet,Rocket,Turret
Replaces the default specialist's abilities with a jet trooper's jetpack, rocket launcher and officer's turret. (Known problems: you still roll while evading but you hear the jump trooper's evasion sound. Flying with the jetpack without a jetpack model on your character is weird, i know, but it helps you getting to the high ground so it's worth it)

Boosts the damage so you can one-hit kill every infantry class hitting every part of the body and disables overheat. Works only with disruptor shot equipped so you can still play vanilla if you unequip it

Obi-Wan Repulse
Replaces Obi-Wan's Mind Trick ability with Luke's Force Repulse

Rotary Cooling
Disables overheat for the Gunner's rotary cannon, works great with instant action improvements' Republic Gunner (Known problem: the overheat bar is still visible but it fires anyway)

Grenade Cooldown
Decreases the default thermal detonator's and impact grenade cooldown to 5 seconds (doesn't work with improved thermal detonator/Impact grenade starcard installed so you can play vanilla by activating them)