Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Replaces Han Solo's first 4 appearances, Han's DL44,, Han's voice, and the phase 2 ARC skins with Phase 1 Rex, Wolffe, Cody, and Fox. Without messing up anything else.

Permissions and credits
Tortuga's Clone Commanders:


What each file does:
Main Han Replacer:
Rex and Cody: Replaces Han's Smuggler and Endor appearances with Phase 1 Cody and Rex
Wolffe: Replaces Han's default appearance with Phase 1 commander Wolffe
Fox: Replaces Han's Hoth appearance with Phase 1 commander Fox

Han Gun Replacer:
DC17: Replaces Han's DL44 with a retextured DC17 

Han Voice Replacer:
HanVO: Replaces Han's voice with that of a clone's

Phase 2 ARC Replacer:
ARC replacer: Replaces all Phase 2 ARC troopers with the commanders listed above [Must be used with all 4 to work right]

Future Plans:

-Finish making two more Phase 1 commander packs

-Alternate textures for some characters like Wolffe

-Make all the Phase 2 commanders in a similar fashion

(These other packs will likely be all in one mod page)

-Maybe make some of the ARC troopers

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Borgle Snaps

Credit to Zatmos for my use of his Sunny Kamino mod for the screenshots.
Credit for clone descriptions goes to Wookiepedia
Credit to Borgle Snaps for in game screenshots