Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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This mod gives Rey her quarterstaff and modifies her face model to better resemble Daisy Ridley's portrayal of Rey in The Force Awakens. Includes online and offline versions.

Permissions and credits
TFA Rey by TigerVenom22

In an attempt to do justice to Rey's scavenger appearance in Battlefront II, this mod replaces Rey's lightsaber with her quarterstaff as seen in The Force Awakens as well as slightly tweaks her face to better resemble Daisy Ridley. This mod is designed to be used in conjunction with Benjamoose's Rey Face Redux v8.0 (THE FORCE AWAKENS) mod, download link: It's not required for this mod to work, but it's highly recommended.

This mod includes two mod packs: TFA_Rey [Cosmetic] and TFA_Rey [Offline Only]. The [Cosmetic] variant of this mod is made to be as safe as possible for online play, as the only changes made are to hero physical appearance and some superficial UI tweaks. I do not guarantee the safety of this mod online. However, it is safe to the standards of mods in the past. Please know that recent changes to EA's anti-cheat system may have altered this. Apply either versions of the mod using the Frosty Mod Manager, but not both at the same time.

TFA Rey [Cosmetic] Features

  • Custom quarterstaff model, 4K textures
  • Staff weapon graphic
  • Slightly modified head model (lips and jaw)
  • Added hair strands to side of head
  • Compatible with Instant Action Improvements

TFA Rey [Offline Only] Features
  • Everything in TFA Rey [Cosmetic]
  • Replaces Rey's attack animations with Darth Maul's to make it look more like she's wielding a staff

Known Collateral Effects, Bugs, and Issues
  • Slight shading artifacts in Rey's hair in the front-end menu
  • Luke Hoth, Farmboy, and Yavin skins have Rey's staff (due to shared assets)
  • One of Grievous's lightsabers is replaced by Rey's staff in the front-end menu

Most recent updates
  • Replaced Rey's lightsaber with her quarterstaff in all appearances except "Rey Skywalker"
  • Removed Luke's blue lightsaber blade in offline version

Please post all feedback, issues, and bugs. If you enjoy this mod, you can support me and and see what I'm working on in the future by joining my Patreon: [link]