Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Changes how the Jet Trooper works. To make it more fun to play

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The Jet Trooper now uses Boba's jet pack ability. To use it hold the jet pack ability button then jump. Only way I could get it to work.
Know Visual bug the flames are not aligned for the Jet Trooper's jet pack.

Changes to the Jet Troopers Kit
Default abilities
  • DC-17 is now a DC-15A
  • Right Ability is a weapon toggle for Dual DC-17
  • Middle Ability is still trooper rocket launcher
  • Left Ability is specialist's shock grenade
Additional abilities
  • assault's thermal detonator
  • death trooper overcharge

Changes to the Jump Trooper Kit
Default abilities
  • Right Ability is Trip Mine
  • Middle Ability is still trooper rocket launcher
  • Left Ability is Incendiary Imploder
Ability Changes
  • Trip Mine increased damage and radius 
  • rocket launcher increased damage and radius, reduced cooldown and changed FX to thermal Imploder
  • Incendiary Imploder increased damage and radius plus fire remains longer.

Jump Trooper may be too OP and I might scale them back a bit but it is hilariously fun to play.