Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Made an update to Grawarr's fantastic Grand Admiral Thrawn to allow the text to work after the May 28th Hotfix. I love this mod and was disappointed it didn't get the update it needed so I took the time to learn how to do it myself.

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UPDATE 1.1: I'm an idiot who forgot to rename "Iden's TL-50" to "Thrawn's TL-50" excellent work me!


After playing with Grawarr's phenomenal Grand Admiral Thrawn mod, I was saddened to see it didn't get the love it so truly deserved when the May 28th Hotfix to ease the requirements for 5000 Maul kills so I took the time to learn how to do it myself.

There are a couple of emotes that wouldn't rename for... reasons I just straight up don't understand, those lines HAVE been replaced in the localisation chunk.

Thanks to Grawarr, DAZassassin, Chucky, DarthDio, Inny and Atomiix for their work on bringing Thrawn to Battlefront 2.

Also props to Claymaver 2000's YouTube channel for having the tutorials I needed to learn how to actually make this mod.

Hope this helps some fans somewhere enjoy the hard work of all these other talented folks just a little bit more. :D