Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Play as Luke with his Bespin appearance and fight against Darth Vader or suit up for training and travel to Yoda to learn how to become a Jedi.
This mod adds 8 new appearances, 2 optional lightsaber colors , over 60 new voicelines and 5 optional Hero Icons.
The Mod supports English and German.

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The Mod replaces the Hoth skin
I changed nothing dramatic and I played with them online aswell, so should be MP "safe"
Check out the Release Trailer to see the main features of the mod:

New Appearances:
-Training On Dagobah
-Training On Dagobah - Yoda Backpack
-Training On Dagobah - Yoda Backpack (LEGO 2003 Style)
-Training On Dagobah - Open Jacket
-Bespin - Battle Damaged
-Bespin - Cut Hand
-Bespin - Luke's Lost Hand

New Lightsaber Colors:
-Dagobah Cave

New Voicelines
-Yoda Backpack [ENG and DEU]
-Dialog between Luke and Vader [ENG and DEU]

New Hero Icons
-Training On Dagobah
-Training On Dagobah - Yoda Backpack
-Training On Dagobah - Open Jacket
-Bespin - Battle Damaged

The mod will be getting updates mainly for fixes.
I did not edit any text because that is such a minor thing that I haven't had time to do.
If you have any problems or requests just write a post, I will read those from time to time.

Jedi Training Luke goes hand in hand with Original Trilogy Yoda: