Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Replaces the Death Trooper and Captain Phasma with a custom Shadowtrooper model and texture. This isn't from any Canon material, it's just my own design.

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What does this mod change:
- changes the Death Trooper and Captain Phasma to the custom Shadowtrooper (I didn't wanna replace Phasma but I had to if I wanted to get the shininess I wanted)
- DLT-19 for the Death Trooper, along with custom abilities (Smoke Screen, Overload, Electrocute)
- custom Reinforcement and Hero Portrait (a bit low quality, but better than nothing) 

Note: this model has several issues such as:
- Instant Action Supremacy crashes (Instant Action Co-Op does not, though)
- Rigging issues (head, fingers and feet do not move accordingly)

It is unlikely I'll fix those issues, as this mod was just a test. The whole mod from concept to the published version was done in less than 24 hours, as I wanted to test myself to see what I could do within that time. I'll consider fixing the aformentioned issues if enough people want me to do so.

With that said, I do really like the design I came up with and I think it's way better than the actual Shadowtrooper, which is just a repaint of a normal Stormtrooper and that seems kinda boring to me.