Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Replaces either the "farmboy" or the "Hoth" skins with the Pilot appearance for Luke Skywalker. This mod comes with an optional text replacement for either of the two skins.

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Compatible with 28-May-2020 update.

This mod comes with 4 files:

-Farmboy to Pilot skin
-Farmboy to Pilot text
-Hoth to Pilot skin
-Hoth to Pilot text

It gives whichever skin you prefer the pilot appearance from A New Hope. It uses the mesh importing method due to the limitations that can be done to the Farmboy skin.

The mod gives the young Luke face and hair to the Pilot skin.

Additionally, it comes with custom text files for either the Hoth or the Farmboy skins detailing the Pilot appearance and changing the name to "Pilot". WARNING: The text files won't work with other mods that alter text (Which is why they're optional)


-It doesn't come with a helmeted variation
-There seems to be a tiny issue with the textures for the farmboy replacement on the back of the character and on his right leg. This issue is barely visible unless you fully zoom in (This does not happen on the Hoth replacement).
-It only makes visual changes so it should be MP safe but there is always a small chance of getting banned by using mods.

-Farmboy replacer textures have been fully fixed and no longer does any kind of weird things with dirt or rain. Neither does it show grey areas.
-Fixed an issue where AI Hoth-Pilot Luke would still have the Hoth headgear.