Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Hugin-Munin aka N7Tali

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Replaces Kylo Ren with Starkiller (Please check description for more information)

Permissions and credits
*** This mod is not completed, I decided to post this because I have no time to finish it properly right now, but its playable ****
This mod replaces Kylo Ren with Starkiller.

  • This mod replaces 3 out of 5 Kylo Ren skins. *Not Completed as you can see it's missing 2 skins*
- Dark Lord
- Sith Assassin
- Dark Apprentice

  • Thanks to Mophead, Custom Character interaction: Starkiller and Vader will talk to each other (Only works for the unmasked Starkiller skins)
Thanks to:
TGS - Vader Lines
EFFACER - Starkiller Lines

  • TFU Starkiller Face rigged to work with battlefront 2, thanks to Dulana57 
(He shortly after, he posted a public tutorial about it, if any modder is interested)

  • Custom Name change, and skin name changes.

  • Custom voice lines. *NOT FULLY COMPLETED*

  • Multiplayer safe.

  • Stable Blade with reworked lightsaber hilt.

  • Custom Lightsaber Icon and custom ability Icon.
  • Attempt to add custom ability sounds, probably unnoticable. 

  • Dark Lord skin has his famous breathing sound effect.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS MOD HAS A LOAD ORDER!! Follow this load order to be able to play as intended. **

You can support me here if you wish to see more of my work.

I'm also doing mods by request if the person is willing to support me, just like this one.
The priority and quality of the mod will depend on how much, if it's a good amount I will start it right away.
(Talk to me first so we can plan it)

However, I wont be avaliable for requests until -> May 31 2020

How to donate?

ko-fi page:

After the download of any of my file starts, there will a message in which you can add any amount to donate 
Donate button at my Nexus profile.

All the options above will just direct you to paypal.

Here are a few extra things that you should know:

  • This mod is not completed, I decided to post this because I have no time to finish it properly right now, but its playable and "completed enough".

  • Due to the modding Tools limitations, you may see some "off" things, like some animations or effects or even with the model.

  • I won't do star cards right now, but I plan to.

  • This mod countains custom character interaction, I can't think about any other mod that contains it besides the Plo Koon mod by Sorox. THIS MEANS BOTH MODS ARE INCOMPATIBLE. 
  • Sith Assassin Skin IS REQUIRED FOR Dark Apprentice, please load just like the order says. That will be fixed in future updates.