Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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This mod aims to make the entirety of Battlefront II silver and gold! It features Golden Grievous, Silver and Gold BB-8, Silver BB-9E, Silver and Gold (Extraordinary) pajamas for Count Dooku, Gold Phasma, Gold and Silver Luke, Golden and Silver Commando Droids, Gold and Silver Battle Droids, etc. I will regularly update this mod from now on!

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This mod aims to make metallic versions of different heroes in Battlefront II. It currently contains Golden Grievous, Silver and Gold BB8, Silver BB9-E, and Silver and Gold (Extraordinary) pajamas for Count Dooku.

This mod is multiplayer-combatible and I have tested it. It works on all 3 skins for Grievous. It makes the cowl for the Scarred skin silver as well.

Skins that this mod changes:
General Grievous: All 3 Skins
Count Dooku: Exquisite Pajamas
Captain Phasma
Luke: Default Appearance and Yavin Ceremony
Commando Droids: All skins
Battle Droids: All skins
Empire Troopers: All skins

This is my first mod, and I will definitely make more! My goal is to make shiny versions of most of the characters in the game. This started as a mod just for myself, but I saw the result and knew I had to share it with more people.

I recommend using the Ultimate Lightsaber Color Kit: and making the lightsabers for grievous orange,
and the Vivid-Sabers mod: for making the lightsabers more vivid.
Together, they make grievous look more reflective and make his lightsabers look golden.

It is recommended to use this mod with my other mod, Gold and Silver Stormtroopers (Empire Era):

This is a collection of mods, titled "Metallic Battlefront II".