Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Shows more info on the Scoreboard.

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Mod Status: Working (August Patch - 2020.08.26.)


Shows more info on the Scoreboard. Made this on a request since the other Scoreboard mod hasn't been updated in a while.

Changes (Basic):

  • Added Death Info
  • Added K/D Ratio calculation (Eliminations/Deaths)
  • Better highlight colors for the own and group member rows
  • Changed the Planet name text to display the full location name (Planet - Map)


All the above, but the "Eliminations" column is replaced with Kills and Assists and the K/D Ratio calculation is also changed to Kills/Deaths.

Colored Class Icons Addon:

Different Class Icon colors for the 4 main unit types:

  • Grey - Basic classes
  • Red - Heroes/Hero Ships
  • Orange - Special units
  • Blue - Vehicles

Only the scoreboard is affected, the in-game Name tag icons will keep their original colors. Should be loaded after the main mod file.


If a player has kills but 0 deaths the K/D column will show the number of Eliminations or Kills instead of a 0 - intentional, not a bug.

The End of Round Scoreboard will not have K/D information, just Kills, Assists and Deaths depending on the version used.

The mod is MP compatible, but as always, use mods online at your own risk!