Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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A replacement for every class and reinforcement in the Galactic Empire faction with new models and textures.

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After two months of changing designs and bug fixing I have finally finished my biggest mod for any game.
This is the successor to the Scout Trooper - Reimagined mod I made back in March.
This mod replaces the models and textures for every class and reinforcement in the Galactic Empire faction.

How I went through the design process was that I wanted give the Empire a unique style while retaining everything that makes it the Empire.
This style was to make each class and reinforcement to stand out more and show off their specialty without straying far from the original look.
A heavy should look like a heavy, a sniper should look like a sniper, and a stealthy agent must look like a stealthy agent.
I also wanted to show the Empire as a functional organized military with troopers having good protection and have the ability to hold and store extra gear.

None of these designs are Canon and shouldn't be treated as such, these are just designs I came up with.
However, I believe they don't stray too far from Canon that it is not impossible for them to exist in the universe.

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Main Changes:
- New models and textures for each class and reinforcement.

- Clean armor for each unit. (I chose this because if Earth's militaries make sure their soldier's gear is clean and in good condition, why not the Empire?).

- Depending on the unit, they will have extra armor pieces to protect them and extra gear on their body. ( shin guards, pouches, belts, equipment, etc.)

- Each unit has two shoulder pads.
- The pad on their right will have the Imperial emblem.
- The other will have writing that designates what class they are and a color combination to go with it. (This is tied to the idea that the Empire should be a functional organized force).
-Blue for Specialist, Red for Heavy, Yellow for Officer, and Gray for everything else.

- The Death Trooper has been completely replaced with the Novatrooper from Legends.
- I chose to do the Novatrooper because I wanted it to look different, and I couldn't think of a way of changing the Death Trooper drastically to help that.
- It comes with a brand new model, text, and audio changes.
- The Death Trooper's audio is now replaced with the Sith Trooper's audio.
- All references in the ingame text of Death Trooper is replaced with Novatrooper.

Other Changes:
- Shore Troopers: I could not get a model imported for these guys but I was able to change the textures.
- They now sport white armor to help fit in with other maps, but they still keep some of the original sandy tan color in their undersuit.
- They also sport bright blue markings to show their role as coastal protectors.
- The Specialist variant has it's markings changed to blue from red to match the default appearance.

- Snowtroopers: This appearance now has more armor in places they didn't usually have, like on the legs and upper arms.

- ISB Agent: Now has full black armor and her helmet now has a visor.

- Weapon Changes: Both the E11-D and the RK-3 have new textures.
- The E11-D has a darker finish and Gold markings to have it blend with the Novatrooper.
- The RK-3 now has darker textures to help blend with the ISB Agent.

Known Issues:
- There are some clipping issues but they are only visible if you try to look for them.
- At a distance the Specialist class will have its head disappear, this is hardly noticeable and is a product of the mesh importing software. It can be remedied by setting the Mesh Quality to Ultra in the video settings.

I would like to thank all the people who helped and supported me through this mod's creation.
Thanks to Genezhine, Stoppingriver52, Knusburg, and Claymaver2000.