Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Poet and Nano

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Replaces Lando Calrissian and the Cobalt Hero ARC trooper with Clone Captain Rex

Permissions and credits

- Gear and armor models + UVs
- Armor, helmet, head and gear textures
- Weapon swap SFX
- Helmet model editing
- Body/face model editing

- Rigging
- Mesh importing
- Voiceline SFX swaps
- Backend support and mod building

- Initial helmet modeling

- Provided his excellent undersuit texture for me to use
- Taught me how to SFX import

- Backend support and faceposer assistance

- Backend support and technical assistance

- Made the Rex to all skins files so I didn't have to


Captain Rex joins the battle!

Captain of the 501st Legion, Clone Captain Rex served under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker as commanding officer of the infamous 501st legion. It’s been said that the 501st got the best and worst of The Clone Wars, having seen near-constant action across all theaters of the GCW. Such as Umbara, Geonosis, Cristophsis, Kamino, and the Siege of Mandalore. Rex is a skilled operative and trained ARC trooper. He favored rather unconventional tactics compared to many of his brothers - a trait only amplified by his friendship with Anakin Skywalker. He and the 501st worked closely with the 212th Attack Battalion and Commander Cody, a close friend of Rex’s. 

Captain Rex Enters the BFII roster as a Hero and reinforcement replacement for Lando and the ARC Trooper.


- 4K textures
- Unique models of Rex’s helmet and pauldron.
- ROTS proportion edit - bringing the EpIII look to BFII, Rex's appearance will be proportionally closer to his appearance in ROTS.
- Accurate facial texture


Hero Lando replacer
- Fully armored and helmet-less appearances
- Accurate SFX
- MP safe

Reinforcement ARC Trooper replacer
- Replaces Phase II Cobalt Hero appearance
- Accurate SFX
- MP safe

X-8 Nightsniper weapon replacer
- Replaces models and SFX for Lando’s X-8 Nightsniper pistol with those of the DC-17
- MP safe