Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Sound FX import for Cad Bane. This early version includes the sound for Cad Bane's LL-30 blaster pistol.

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This mod was created as a counterpart to my Cad Bane Speaks! mod. To remain consistent
with naming, I have decided to include sound FX as separate mods going forward.
I suggest using this mod with Cad Bane Speaks! if you don't already use it.
Also, consider checking out Hugin-Munin's Cad Bane model import.

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 ►LL-30 blaster pistol sound import.
→Due to the nature of the game mechanics, I cannot change the three-round
    burst fire logic of the pistol. It would make the mod incompatible with MP.

 ►Add rocket boots sound FX.
→This will take some time. The scenes where Cad Bane uses his rocket boots
    tend to have audible music in the background. It will come though! Worst-case
    scenario it doesn't sound great. You can always use the default sound anyways.

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