Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Replaces Jedi Knight Outfit with a shirtless Anakin based off ROTS.

(MP Compatible)

Permissions and credits
Shirtless Anakin
(MP Compatible)
Replaces Anakin's 1st appearance with a creation of my own. 


- Custom body mesh that i beefed up. 
- Dooku's Trousers and Belt
- Anakin's Glove (i'm aware that a bunch of people want me to do a custom robotic hand without the glove but its somewhat difficult and will take a bunch of my time up)


- MP 
- mods that change the facial detail. 

Issues & Notes

- if you really pay close attention, the arm will jiggle around a bit on the hand when holding a lightsaber while sprinting.
- Sometimes the body of the custom mesh will look darker than the head in very specific situations 
- Low effort nipples 
- the shadow will only display the head, lightsaber and belt. 
- tiny bit of clipping with the belt and trousers. 


If any issues occur or you have mod suggestions, please let me know in the posts/comments. 


- GameTSF for troubleshooting problems with exporting the mod
- claymaver2000 Fixed rigging issues and teaching me how to UV map textures to the mesh. 
AviJSingh18 Rigging the mod and showing me how to rig myself.