Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Poet and Nano

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Replaces Finn and the default Clone Commando with Clone Commander Cody

Permissions and credits


- Gear and armor models + UVs
- Armor, helmet, and gear textures,
- UV and normal map edits
- Weapon swap SFX

- Rigging
- Mesh importing
- Voiceline SFX swaps
- Backend support and mod building


- Provided his excellent undersuit texture for me to use
- Taught me how to SFX import

- Helped me fix the cody/commando model merge issue


Commander Cody joins the battle!

leader of the 7th Sky Corps and 212th Attack Battalion, Clone Marshall Commander Cody is a skilled strategist, and one of the best tactical minds the republic has to offer. Serving under Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody has led campaigns across the galactic theater on planets such as Umbara, Geonosis, and Utapau. Cody is a by-the-books soldier, and often a foil to his close friend Captain Rex.

Commander Cody Enters the BFII roster as a Hero and reinforcement replacement for Finn and the Clone Commando.


- 4K textures
- Unique UV layout allowing for screen-accurate markings
- Unique models of Cody's gear, such as his shoulder armor and helmet upgrades.
- ROTS proportion edit - bringing the EpIII look to BFII, Cody's appearance will be proportionally closer to his appearance in ROTS.
- Accurate facial texture


Hero Finn replacer
- Fully armored and helmet-less appearances
- Accurate SFX
- MP safe

Reinforcement Clone Commando replacer ALPHA
- Replaces default Clone Commando reinforcement
- Accurate SFX
- MP safe

EL-16 and GLIE-44 weapon replacers
- Replaces models and SFX for the resistance EL-16 blaster with those of the DC-15A
- Replaces models and SFX for the resistance GLIE-44 pistol with those of the DC-17
- MP safe

Helmetless portrait
- By default the portrait for Finn will be Cody's helmeted appearance, this add-on overwrites that with Cody's helmet-less appearance
- MP safe


Commando Replacer
- Model appears to be a lower LOD than it should be
- Textures appear lower res than they should be