Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Caleb2432 and SmugChewbacca

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A mod that completely overhauls every clone to be more realistic, featuring weathering, matte textures, and colors accurate to the source material.

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  • MATTE TEXTURES: The namesake of this mod, every clone features a matte-styled texture, designed specifically to look like the clones that appeared in the prequel films. While they are matte, they are not 100% void of all reflections, appearing just as the did in the films.
  • UPSCALED MARKINGS: Every clone markings file has been upscaled to 4096 by 4096, resulting in crisp, clean markings.
  • WEATHERING: In addition to the matte textures, we've also added a detailed weathering pattern, with light scorch-marks and a dusty overlay. As of 0.9, the markings also have weathering applied.
  • REFLECTIVE VISORS: Instead of the plain black visors featured in the vanilla game, we've decided to opt for a chrome-styled, reflective visor, more akin to how they appeared in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.
  • GEAR RESTORATION: Perhaps the biggest difference between this mod and our original, the Heavy, Officer, and Specialist classes all feature restored gear of some kind. Each heavy skin now has a kama, sidebag, and backpack; Each officer skin features a kama and a right shoulder pauldron (like the one Commander Neyo wore); Each specialist skin features a pauldron (like the one Commander Bly wore). Note that skins that already had gear, like the 327th, remain unchanged.
  • SCREEN-ACCURATE COLORS: For the skins that we deemed inaccurate (such as the 212th, the 41st, and the Coruscant Guard), we changed the markings to feature more vibrant colors. The 41st Ranger Platoon skins now have a darker camo style, and the 212th Recon Division has been changed to represent the ARF Troopers that appeared during the Ryloth arc of Clone Wars.
  • REMOVED NORMAL MAP WEATHERING: The weathering applied by DICE has been removed from the Normal Map, resulting in a more natural looking finish.
  • REINFORCEMENT CHANGES: Like the four main classes, the Clone reinforcements all have been changed in some way. Below is a list of the changes:
  1. CLONE COMMANDO: The Urban Fighter skin now sports an appearance based on the 212th troopers, and the Jungle Striker skin has 501st-inspired markings.
  2. JET TROOPER: The Phase 1 appearance is now based on the Clone Sergeant from Attack of the Clones. The Legacy Default Phase 2 appearance is now based on the Jet Clones from the original Star Wars: Battlefront II.
  3. ARC TROOPER: The Base appearance is now a shiny trooper with no markings of any kind, with unmarked ARC Trooper gear. The Lambent Seeker now has a yellow secondary color, as opposed to the highlighter green DICE gave us. The netting in the Cobalt Hero's patterns was removed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Phase I Clone Commanders Info:
  • There are eleven different clone commanders for you to choose from: Cody, Rex, Gree, Bly, Fox, Wolffe, Keeli, Stone, Lock, Ponds, and Jet. All credit for Jet's helmet is due to FletchaSketch.
  • You can NOT load these all up at the same time. They each replace the ARC Trooper, and thus cannot work with each other. 
  • Every commanders' custom gear is made from edited BF2 assets or scratch. 
  • Lastly, while we feel like this could be a separate mod, we decided to release it here because it fits best with Matte Clone Legions. If you want to use it by itself however, you can.

IMPORTANT: The Phase 1 Clone Commanders are being redone, and have not been updated to fit with the newest version of MCL. 

As always, thank you SmugChewbacca. This mod wouldn't exist without your contributions.

If you have any insight or requests, the best way to reach us is on Instagram at