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Forces Instant Action and Offline CO-OP to start in Split Screen on every available map. Also adds the mechanics needed to spawn Player 2.
Like other EA Battlefront Split Screen mods it needs a controller in "slot 2" to control player 2 (2 recognized controllers, virtual or otherwise)
Mod allows for IA versus

Permissions and credits
(The core mod includes the Multiplayer button remover The other mods included don't have the button remover, but they are not multiplayer safe either!

Forces Instant Action and Offline CO-OP to run in Split Screen.
All you need to do is start a match of Instant Action or Offline CO-OP like normal and Player 2 will join the battle! They can customize their trooper just like Player 1 can!

Allows for Split Screen Versus in Supremacy by using the "Versus Split Screen Supremacy" mods! (instructions below)

Special Thanks to Mophead, Kav, and Y wingpilot2 for sharing information about GameSettings, and how you have to rename the setting to overwrite it

Just like Split Screen arcade you need 2 recognized controllers (virtual or not) to use this mod. This is because the first controller will control Player 1, while the second controller in "slot 2" will control Player 2. This can be achieved in many ways such as having a virtual controller running on your computer to occupy "slot 1" and then plugging in another recognized controller to occupy "slot 2". Personally I use SCP PS3 drivers to install a PS3 controller, unplug it, and then plug in my wired XBOX 360 controller. Player 1 can be controlled by a keyboard or controller in "slot 1", player 2 can only be controlled by a controller in "slot 2". You can tell a controller is in "slot 2" when it's player light is set to 2. Any controller that that is recognized by battlefront 2 when not using split screen will work for this mod.

Enabling Versus:
To run Supremacy, Co-op, or both in versus enable one of these three mods while running the main split screen instant action mod, it will then force player two onto the opposite team:

1. Both Instant Action Modes: Activate the mod "Instant Action Versus"

2. Supremacy only: Activate the mod "Instant Action Versus (Supremacy Only)"

3. Co-op only: Activate the mod "Instant Action Versus (Co-op Only)"

To run Supremacy with both players on the same team simply disable these mods.

New Split Screen Views Available:

These are 3 separate but included mods that can work with any existing split screen mod. Only one of them can be activated at a time.

This mod does not activate Split Screen in Arcade:
This mod only activates split screen in instant action game modes, not arcade. If you want to activate Split Screen in arcade then you should download this mod:
But in order to use it you must go to the "files" page:
Download "Splitscreen-DookuUpdate-1045public-FrostyProjectReal"
Open it in frosty editor and re-export it

This mod is 100% compatible with my mods and can be run side by side for a complete split screen experience.

This mod is compatible with Instant Action Improvements 1.22, just run Instant Action Improvements with priority over split screen instant action by having it on the bottom of the mod list. You can see which one has priority by going to the conflicts tab and seeing which one has the green check mark.
The Co-op boosters, and probably the Geonois_01 Co-op versus bugfix are not compatible with instant action improvements as they change the same files, which means one will overwrite the other.
Just remember that the combination of split screen instant action and Instant Action Improvements will be more demanding on hardware, and probably make the game generally more unstable as it wasn't designed to be this jam packed with mods. On paper these two mods are 100% compatible because they don't have anything that conflicts besides the multiplayer disablers. I was playing the game with both Split Screen Instant Action and Instant Action improvements on and didn't encounter any glaring issues.
IAI version 1.22 makes CO-OP crash on many maps due to the number of bots. This can be fixed by running the game with one of my versus CO-OP boosters as priority to lower the bot count, but this will also undo all of the changes to the GameSettingsContainer made by IAI (such as botcount in CO-OP, battlepoint multipliers, and AI accuracy [if they even changed that]) But the game will not crash after that.
There are also three other solutions:
  • Make a toned down (less bots) version of the GameSettingsContainer in IAI 1.22 (using their publicly available source file), export the bin, import it into a brand new mod project, export the mod by itself (and please make it a private mod, publishing that without permission would be mod theft), and run it with priority over IAI
  • Export the GameSettingsContainer from IAI 1.20 (this version apparently works with no issues) as a bin using their publicly available source file, import it into a brand new mod project, export the mod by itself (and please make it a private mod, publishing that without permission would be mod theft), and run it with priority over IAI
  • Ask the IAI team to make a light version of the GameSettingsContainer for split screen that has less bots in CO-OP

New in update 1.1.1:
  • Added a booster for Instant Action Overhaul so that it's compatible with Split Screen for Supremacy, and Co-op only. Run it with priority over both IAO and Splitscreen IA+Co-op by putting it below them. This booster is in beta phase, and it will have  a lot of bugs that I cannot fix! This is the best we can get without access to IAO's source, which would only require 7 single line changes to be completely functional (but not bug free) in split-screen.
Mod Order:

(Note: Alternate split screen views, boosters, bug-fixes, etc. should go before the compatibility fixer)

Mod order for BF 2022 + Instant Action (WARNING: With some heroes you will sometimes lose the ability to fire your gun, this might just be a bug with BF 2022 though):

Note: Boosters probably over-write the Vanilla battlepoints mod, and the gadget icon fix, and armor bug fixes are optional. Put the versus mod after the core spitscreen instant action and co-op mod.

New in update 1.1:
  • Improved versus file for CO-OP and Supremacy. It automatically puts player 2 on the opposite team of player 1, so you don't have to restart the game to switch teams. There are 3 versions: All, Supremacy Only, and Co-op only. This makes it so if you want to only do versus in one game mode you can.
  • 3 new split screen viewport options: Vertical, Swapped, and Swapped Vertical
  • Co-op booster for Co-op versus. Adjusts spawn times and bot counts so they're as close to the same as possible for both teams. Available in 5 sizes: 32 bots, 24 bots, 20 bots, 16 bots, and 8 bots. Sets the AutoPlayer team's max hero count to 3 and the max special unit count to 3. Recommended Player 1 settings are: 3 heroes max, and 5 special units max. Incompatible with mods that change Online/GameSettingsContainer (like Instant Action improvements)
  • Re-exported Split Screen Instant Action so it doesn't have the annoying triangle, it's still the same as before
  • Re-exported Gadget Icon Fixer so it doesn't have the annoying triangle, it's still the same as before
  • Added a file that fixes a bug in CO-OP versus on geonosis, where Player 2's armor unit always said "NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS PHASE" on every phase. This is separated because it would make the mod incompatible with other mods that modify PvE_KitLimitations on Geonosis_01 (the CO-OP ground map)
  • Fixed a bug on Naboo Co-op where an evil rectangle was in the throne room. (If you find another one let me know)
  • Made a new Multiplayer Disabler from the ground up, that removes quick play tiles. It also disables and greys-out the multiplayer buttons, it also changes the text to say "MP DISABLED" and "MP CO-OP DISABLED"

New versus files:
  • Created 2 mods named "Light Side Versus Dark Side" and "Dark Side Versus Light Side" that enables Versus in Split Screen Instant Action Supremacy

New in update 1.0:

  • Split Screen is now available on all 5 Original Trilogy Instant Action Maps
  • Split Screen is now available on all 21 Offline CO-OP maps
  • The sound no longer goes mute when a player views the squad
  • The team select bug has been fixed by the Scarif update! (This also means no more Versus Supremacy, but this also means no more having to exit the game to switch teams)

1.0 Change log:
  • Reverted UI/Frontend/Prefabs/ScreenLogic/PF_UI_PlayScreen_InstantActionLogic to the latest file and activated splitscreen on the WSShared.LoadSinglePlayerLevelEntityData again
  • Reverted all 8 previously modified mode1 files and re-activated split screen on them
  • Created a splitscreen container for mode9's capture points allowing player 2 to see them
  • Added split screen to all 5 Original Trilogy Instant Action maps
  • Added split screen to all 21 Coop maps
  • Rebuilt the split screen container for CS capture points because of a bug on Original Trilogy maps
  • Reverted Addons/Mode1/Mode1/Gameplay/GameModes/Shared/CapturePoints/PF_CapturePoint_Mode1 and repeated the changes I made last update
  • Fixed and rebuilt "Gadgets Icon Fixer"
  • Removed the property connections in Sound/UX/SpawnScreen/SW02_UX_SpawnScreen_Logic_Hologram that interact with the Audio.MixerEntityData that uses the mixer Sound/Mixers/SW02_Mixers_EnterSquadSpawn, this fixes the bug where the sound goes mute when a player views the squad spawn screen

Known bugs:
  1. Player 1 will display player 2's capturing status: There is no known solution to fix this, it would require modifying PF_Gamemode_Mode1 (Instant Action's logic file) and I really don't know where to even begin. I also disabled Player 2's capturing status for this very reason, it gets really annoying when it appears on both screens.
  2. Vehicle Icons will not display for player 2: I tried really hard to make a fix for this but I simply cannot because of how vehicles pass variables. The end result was grey health bars that suffer from bug 4. It also took away the players vehicle UI so I decided to scrap it completely. Plus vehicles are fairly easily identifiable and have visual effects that tell you they are close to being destroyed.
  3. Turret Icons will not display for Player 2: I actually made a fix for this while attempting to fix vehicle health bars, I'll include it as a separate mod. Even with this, it suffers from bug 4.
  4. Turret / Vehicle Icons, tags and health bars will not appear unless both players can see them: This is because they use an Occlution (yes Occlution not Occlusion) entity that requires both players to see it. In order to fix this I would either need to search the thousands of improperly displayed (hashed strings are not processed by frosty) entries in a soldier entity or get a copy of the console version of the files which nobody has attempted most likely.
  5. Randomly losing the ability to fire your weapons: I have no idea how or why this happened, it just happened. Really there's no solution besides respawning.
  6. No ticket count / command post on player 2's screen: At one point this was working nearly completely. But I didn't notice that it had a critical bug until I went to record this mod. The game would crash every time Player 2 zoomed in with a scope. I tried every single Link/Property/Event connection connected to the UI but none of them would make Player 2's bar disappear while scoped. Ultimately it's not worth the effort as Player 2 can just look at Player 1's screen anyways.
  7. Player 1 is put on the light side team regardless of the team selected in the instant action menu. I think this is because player 2 is considered the Instant Action player and the event/property/link might only run once. This allows us to do Supremacy versus but also requires us to use the "Player 1 on team 2 mod". Fixed by the scarif update! DICE changed the team selecting mechanics for offline game modes and fixed this bug! No more exiting and restarting to switch teams!
  8. Friendly command posts are red for Player 2 when on opposite teams: This is because the objects use player 1 to determine their object color, luckily the 3D UI still displays the proper color so it's not an issue.
  9. Player 1 has no squad when Player 2 is on the opposite team. This is because Player 1 is sent to the auto team entity and is also not recognized as the human player in instant action. Because of this Player 1 is not put in a squad with auto players just like how you can't be put in a squad with autoplayers in Capital Supremacy.
  10. Player 2's Speeder / Mounted Gun UI is on player 1: I tried to fix this for 2 days before giving up. Unlike most vehicles (including speeder bikes in Battlefront 2015), speeders are split up into many different files referenced as layers by a main file (much like the Mode 1 file for maps). This makes it impossible for me, a person without DICE's tools or extensive frosty knowledge, to pass the LocalPlayerID to the speeder's UI file. I tried many different methods to fix this but I ended up running in circles for two days. If you want to try to fix this bug, be my guest, just know that it might involve completely rebuilding the speeder from the ground up. I was able to get player 2 and 1's speeder UI onto player 2's screen by setting all of the UI logicPrefabs to LocalPlayer1 (player 2). Oh well, speeders aren't that good anyways, not worth the year (or seconds if you are at DICE with proper tools) it would take to fix it.
  11. Player 1 appears on Player 2's spawn screen on some maps: This is because I actually added player 2's lobby view to the Lobby_Art file. I did this because unlike all the other maps in the game a select few do not have a Lobby_Art_Splitscreen file. Yes, Felucia does have a Lobby_Art_Splitscreen file in case you were wondering. I attempted other ways to get the Split Screen lobby art to work but the way I do it here is the quickest, easiest, and doesn't make the game crash. Some maps I modify like this and it works perfectly fine, others have problems like this bug. So have fun annoying player 2 by phasing through them while they try to pick a skin.
  12. Sound cuts out when a player spawns: This is because of the fade entity when the spawn screen changes to the command post spawn screen. It used to darken the entire screen every time player 1 spawned but I fixed that. I suppose I might be able to fix this but I don't want to risk making the game crash by removing something the game is looking for, and on the list of annoyances this is pretty low for me. Fixed in the latest update.
  13. Command post view changes for both players when either player selects one on the spawn screen: Luckily this doesn't impact your ability to spawn at your selected command post so it's not really a big deal.
  14. Player 2's squad displays the name of the computer, not GUEST as it does in Player 1's squad: I have no clue how to fix this, you probably can't, just turn off the squad names if it annoys you that much (or give away personal information in a recording session)
  15. All UI bugs present in PC split screen are present in this mod: this is because the UI has not been fully implemented for split screen in the PC version of Battlefront 2. It's a royal pain to fix all of these bugs, especially when nobody knows how to fix them besides DICE who did so for the console version of the game.
  16. Felucia gets really blurry in some parts of the map for player 2: I'd have to find the effect in the map and disable it. The best workaround is to walk away from swampy areas like that one command post that I can't remember the name of.
  17. Player 2 will start the round on pressing spawn: this is because the match is in the "Pre-round" state and when either of the two players press the spawn button (including pressing a class twice) it forces the round to start. Player 2 is not programmed for the cinematic so they remain on the spawn screen until they hit the spawn button again allowing for them to start playing before the cinematic is over.
  18. Player 2's UI elements can be seen while paused: This is because player 2's UI is not programmed to disappear while paused. This doesn't really effect gameplay much so it's not worth going through the effort (and unstable solutions) to fix it unless I had the tools and documentation DICE has.
  19. Duplicate hero bug: I really don't know why this happens, especially when all of the kit limitations are programmed in. I have a feeling DICE will eventually release an update to allow you to spawn as a hero when an AI is playing as them and kick them off so that might fix this bug. I have not tested if basic Instant Action has this bug too. Overall, I cannot fix something which I don't know the cause of, especially when it is programmed correctly.
  20. In CO-OP player 2 cannot see when objective is marked by player 1.
  21. In CO-OP sometimes an enemy hero randomly dies, I only had this happen once and for all I know this could just be a glitch with CO-OP itself.
  22. Scarif gets really bright in some parts of the map for both screens. I'd have to find the effect in the map and disable it. The best workaround
  23. is to walk away from the place the effect is coming from
  24. Lots of lag: Sorry guys, I can't do anything about this. DICE just needs to optimize their AI so they aren't so laggy. You can circumvent this by lowering the bot count and resolution scale. Luckily my computer is mid range (GTX 1050 with 8GB of ram) and it's still able to run it so if you have a powerful computer you most likely won't experience as much lag. 90% of the time the game runs fine with Split Screen Instant Action. Although there was one time when I got extreme shuttering across all maps (even ones that I had already tested) but I think my computer was just angry at me.
  25. Crashing in CO-OP. Now this one is very interesting. I've tested a lot of split screen CO-OP and I haven't experienced a crash on it ever (besides that one time when I was making the game window so small the game had a heart attack and died). I'm not saying that this crash isn't real, I'm 100% sure it is real. The only problem is I can't produce that bug, and because of that I can't fix it by myself. There are all sorts of weird differences between computers that can cause something like this to happen (you could have better hardware and have some weirdly specific circumstance that makes it crash) so please help me (others, and maybe even yourself if someone else has a solution) out by filing a report here under "Crashing": The worst case scenario possible is I rebuild the entire split screen instant action core from the ground up (all 200+ modifications to maps, both split screen containers, and testing literally every single map) and then it still crashes. And because I know that these crashes were occurring when I first released Split Screen COOP, this would be very likely to happen.
  26. Player 1 is not able to see nametags of enemy autoplayers while in a vehicle, while player 2 is on the opposite team. Sorry guys, just another bug because DICE didn't properly implement splitscreen on PC
  27. In Vertical Split Screen, the character view is off screen. Sorry, I really can't fix this. You can always press the Appearances or Inspect button and you'll be able to see your trooper. I have no idea if this bug is present with ultra wide monitors.
  28. In Split Screen you have a weird shadow of player 1 over player 2 on some maps and on some computers or when you have pcss or hfts (dx11) active. This is fixed by changing your shadow level detail in the settings to ultra or not using pcss or hfts (dx11). (Credit to Mandooku and Anewold)
  29. I've heard that some cosmetic mods don't play nice with this mod on certain hardware, which will prevent the game from launching.
Future Ideas (No guarantee this will ever actually happen):
- Try to find a way to fix a lot of the bugs (Speeder UI, Occlution Bug, Vehicle Name-tag Bug, Capturing Status Bug, Map Bugs, etc.) now that there's no updates