Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Great news! now you can play as clone troopers in any era you want from the original to the sequels. I have uploaded a ZIP file with all the clone conversions inside pick whatever side you want to replace or use them all together for clone vs clone action. You can replace the empire, first order, rebels or even the resistance all separate files!

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Join the discord if you want to stay updated with era swap mods

links to Arcaddons era swap mods so you can play the way you want to play! 

Empire Trooper

Separatist Trooper

Smugglers and Looters

Republic Trooper

Added back pack to resistance officer 
changed ISB agent to arc trooper
changed the heavy and officer appearances for the resistance and empire 
added back pack to first order heavy to resemble one of the first order troopers in the force awakens scenes
changed voice lines to clones to fit the characters
brand new zip file that replaces all sides from the squeal and original trilogy. this lets you play the way you want to with the mods you want so there is no restrictions.
added arc trooper as the resistance spy made the imperial jet trooper and first order jet trooper clones as well.
i will be looking into a way to change the sith trooper and the flame trooper as of right now i haven't found a way yet :(